What do I need to know when planning a vacation in Egypt?

Tired of the monotonous life? - then you should rest! Our publication, we hope, will help to give preference in favor of holidays in Egypt.

1. Egypt is an Arabic speaking country. A small part of the locals speaks English, but the hotel staff communicates in it without difficulty. Recently, Russian phrases have been heard on the streets of Egypt - Egypt is starting to get used to the Russian tourist. Experience shows that the Russians are able, with a minimum of words, using gestures and facial expressions, to explain themselves to the Egyptians.

What should be remembered when buying a "burning tour" to Egypt?

2. Egypt is a summer country, it is hot in it both in summer and in winter, the water in the Mediterranean is warm all year round. Having a burn repellent and light clothing will save you in the summer heat. For a European person who is not accustomed to the Egyptian heat, it is more comfortable in Egypt during the cool season and in the off-season. At this time of the year, you should even think about some warm clothes - night temperatures are 10 ° C lower than daytime ones. On Mount Sinai in January-February, the temperature reaches 0°C at night.

Egypt is a Muslim country on 90%, European women, having decided to relax in Egypt, should not forget about it. You can wear provocative outfits in a hotel, but when moving in an Arab city, it is better to cover both your bare arms and legs, not to mention your chest - they can lead to misunderstandings.

Luxor (Thebes) in Egypt

3. Egypt is a country with a centuries-old history that a Russian person does not need to be reminded of, there is something for a vacationing tourist to stare at. The Egyptian Museum on Tahrir Square in the center of Cairo, the pyramids of the Pharaohs are wonders of the world, the origin of which is still disputed by scientists.

4. Egypt is a country of its own rules. Realizing what beauty you will see there, you have already guessed: you definitely need to photograph and record all this on a video camera. We advise you to take video and photography equipment, the main thing is not to forget, video cameras are subject to mandatory declaration. At the entrance and exit, the video camera must be presented, but the camera is not required. Vacationers in Egypt should be aware: you should not take pictures of local residents on the streets of Egyptian cities without their permission (photographing people is prohibited by the Koran), and you will have to pay extra for pictures indoors.

Places to stay in Egypt

What do I need to know when planning a vacation in Egypt? 5. Egypt is a country of wonderful holiday destinations, it has many beautiful and marvelous places worthy of attention. Where exactly to go is a matter of your taste and your choice, but for a sense of the European East, it is worth visiting Alexandria. The most European city in Egypt is located in the Nile Delta. It is the largest commercial, industrial and port center of the country. The tour should begin with a visit to the Alexandria Central Library.

The secrets of the east are fully revealed by the island of the Pharaohs, for lovers of antiquity, a direct path to the city of Cairo is the most famous name "Gate of the East". The largest and oldest city in Africa, which has absorbed the history of the entire region since ancient times.

For lovers of nature not spoiled by civilization and young people who prefer outdoor activities with an informal atmosphere, we recommend visiting the city of Dahab - a small resort town. It is famous for windsurfing, scuba diving and safaris. Many mini-hotels, not expensive and cozy bungalows will make it possible to spend evenings comfortably.

If you are interested in silence and the treatment of diseases and ailments, you will certainly expect the city of Safaga - the resort of the Red Sea, its hallmark is luxurious beaches. Holidays in Safaga are perfect for families.

I hope you decide? Then get tickets and hit the road.

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