What will the weather be like in Hurghada in winter

What will the weather be like in Hurghada in winter

Weather in Hurghada in winter

Each person, planning a vacation abroad, wants to get a lot of good impressions from the long-awaited weekend. And then the question arises, which country, city to choose, so that only pleasant memories remain from the time spent there.

Majestic and ancient Egypt will not let its guest down. This is the resort country that will suit all tourists, regardless of preferences and the amount of deferred funds. Love to soak up the golden beaches, want to plunge into the historical past, see the Nile or have a good time - Egypt will gladly provide you with all the opportunities for a quality holiday.

Choose a city

Did you decide to go to Egypt in 2015? If you prefer an active pastime, visit the resort town of El Quseir. Among the most beautiful coral reefs and inviting sandy beaches, diving is waiting for you. The city of Safaga is famous for its high level of service. This is a top class resort with hospitable residents. Sharm El Sheikh is a rather elite area. It has many interesting objects, for example, Ras Mohammed National Park. Enjoy yacht trips, excellent hotel service. If you are planning a family vacation with young children, feel free to go to Makadi Bay. Here you can enjoy peace and tranquility, relax on the Red Sea coast and admire the landscapes of the sea. You can perfectly relax in Hurghada - a city with favorable conditions for a good rest.

In order not to be mistaken in your expectations of spending wonderful minutes in ideal climatic conditions, you should ask what temperature and precipitation are typical for the region.

Hurghada resort in winter

What will the weather be like in Hurghada in winter

Hurghada is a popular resort among tourists even in winter. Here you can sunbathe on the beaches and swim in the warm sea all year round. Sometimes jumps in temperature can occur, and even snowfalls. But this is rather an exception. Usually, cold snaps do not fall below 15 degrees and are accompanied by precipitation in the form of rain.

December temperatures

Holidays in December will not cause discomfort for visitors, since the temperature at this time is kept at around 25 degrees. Choosing Hurghada for a winter December holiday, you will certainly be able to sunbathe and plunge into the gentle waves with pleasure and ease. On the contrary, it is in December that there is no burning sun and you can afford long sightseeing walks. Be prepared for the temperature to drop to 14 degrees at night. Take some warm clothes with you.

In January, as in December, warm, one might even say hot, days are expected when you need some kind of hat to protect yourself from the sun's rays. The night is cool, up to 10 degrees above zero. If you do not like such indicators, reduce evening walks along the coast. January will not frighten off those who like to ride on yachts and water scooters. The water temperature during the day is quite acceptable for such entertainment. If you are a "walrus" - take the risk of swimming in the sea, but a child will not be able to swim in water of such a temperature.

February chill of Hurghada

If you are not scared off by bad weather, go to Hurghada in 2015 and in February. Swimming in the sea is not very successful, but diving or surfing is a great alternative during this period. The climate for such an activity is perfect. You can also have a great time in excellent recreation parks, health centers, on interesting excursions to historical monuments.

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