Holidays and hotels in Hurghada

If it's time for you to vacation, then it's time to choose. Now many countries offer their best resorts for tourists. Want to bask in the sun, get a tan and see the curiosities overseas? Go to Egypt. Country where it is always sunny, and therefore - warm. Of course, in Egypt, too, is winter, but in contrast to the winter in Russia, where the temperature does not drop below 20 degrees. And that means that whenever you go there, you will find yourself in summer. There are several other advantages of choosing Egypt. There is no visa, not a long flight, youth hotels in Hurghada and, most importantly, affordable tours.

Egypt is amazing because it combines almost nothing that can be combined. Judge for yourself. Washed by two of the best seas, it is surrounded by four deserts. This means that along with beach holidays you can try "desert", with visits to beautiful oases, riding camels and Bedouin legends about the deserts. And not just legends. In one of the Egyptian deserts there are unusual structures - cones, which for some reason are called mysterious, although they were built by a Greek artist at the end of the last century. These unusual patterns, which occupy about one hundred thousand square meters of the desert, look like the footprints of alien visitors. In another of the deserts were discovered real treasures in the form of burials - mummies covered with gold. Such finds confirm the title of Egypt as a fabulous country. But what are we all about deserts. As already mentioned, Egypt is rich not only in ancient monuments, amazing legends and deserts, but also wonderful resorts: the rich Sharm El Sheikh, charming El Gouna, calm Safaga and many others, among which one of the favorites - Hurghada. By the way holidays in Greece are also very interesting and popular among tourists from Russia.

Holidays and hotels in Hurghada Hurghada is a small town with the most beautiful nature by the Red Sea, which, of course, diving enthusiasts will appreciate. The most attractive thing about this resort is its inexpensive tours at any time of the year. And for recreation there is everything - from sandy beaches, equipped with all the rules of the highest class, to diving centers with good instructors and a full set of necessary attributes of this type of recreation. And about the wonders of the underwater world of the Red Sea has already said a lot. Hurghada is a favorite place for family vacations. Kids love to watch the coral fish right by the sea, and many hotels are equipped especially for couples with children, with special safe sandy beaches. Names of well-known hotels are familiar to many, such as Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott and many other hotels in Hurghada, because there are more than two hundred hotels in Hurghada for you. If you have chosen Hurghada, be sure to visit its main "highlights": The Coptic Church and the Red Sea Aquarium Museum.

So, as we see, vacation in Egypt - it is not only a golden tan and strange souvenirs. This is interesting insights and impressions, which can be a long time to tell even your grandchildren, so that they also want to visit the country of fairy tales and legends. So vacation in Egypt will become a good tradition in your family.

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