Beautiful Egypt awaits tourists

Today holiday in Egypt is so common that sometimes the trip there seems boring and no longer interesting. But people hold such an opinion in vain, because nothing compares with this ancient land on the number of mysteries and fascinating discoveries.

More than 7,000 years ago, the first pharaohs began the history of Egypt and over the centuries have developed and strengthened this superb state. No other country in Europe can rival it in age.

The centuries-old history and mysteries of ancient writing attract not only scholars here. Tourists from all over the world want to touch its ancient culture. Russia is no exception, so tours to Egypt from Moscow always remain in demand.

Relatively recently, no more than 15 years ago, the city of Dahshur was a military zone, and its visit was forbidden, but now everyone can visit this mysterious place. To get there from Cairo is not difficult, just ask any guide, who will be happy to tell you the way, and if you want, even give a tour.

Beautiful Egypt awaits tourists The pearl of Dahshur is the famous "pink pyramid", which is second in size only to the famous pyramids of Giza. Its age is more than 5600 years, it was the reign of Pharaoh Snorf, who ordered the construction of this magnificent monument. Undoubtedly glad that the prices of tours to Egypt, as well as prices in the city - low, so that any tourist can enjoy all day walking through the streets, and at sunset to admire the rays of the leaving sun paint the pyramid in pink. For such beauty the pyramid deservedly received its second name - "The Perfect Pyramid".

Nevertheless, nothing compares with Alexandria of Egypt, a city that is an amazing mixture of the cultures of Ancient Greece and Egypt of the Pharaonic era. We could not enjoy its greatness if it were not for the efforts of Alexander the Great, who founded this colossal monument of ancient history. Unfortunately, almost the entire city is now flooded, but you can easily convince yourself of its greatness just by looking at the monuments that still remain on the surface or by descending underground into a dark and endless maze of tombs.

As you can see, Egypt is good not only for the pyramids at Giza and the silent Sphinx. Everyone can visit the ruins of the temple of Osiris or the temple of the goddess Hathor. Lake Mariut, which awaits visitors from all over the world at any time of the year, seems no less beautiful. Come on holiday in Egypt and discover this amazing country from a new side.

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