Features of holidays in Egypt

When the purpose of the trip to the Red Sea resorts - recreation, keep in mind certain restrictions - you are in a Muslim country. And, in fact, it is good to not interfere with their own rules in someone else's monastery. Imagine a savage who walks around a European city, covered with a fig leaf, just because in the tribe it is usual. These are the kind of savages in shorts and mini-skirts we appear before the Muslim world, where it is shameful to show an ankle.

Mastering peculiarities of holidays in Egypt Note that you should not be offended by the vulgar shouting of street vendors - for them a half-naked woman is easily accessible...

Remember, when your appearance complies with the simplest canons of the Arab world, and your intentions are limited to buying souvenirs and sightseeing - you are safe.

Here it is almost impossible to get close to a woman before the wedding, in addition, marrying a woman from Egypt is not easy, many men work for many years in order to earn a "kalym", which must pay the bride's relatives.

When the purpose of the trip is to rest the body and soul in all senses, then Egypt is just for you. Even in Turkey you will not find such a number of ready to please men in everything as in Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh.

Features of holidays in Egypt There are almost no locals at the resorts - this is also a feature of holidays in Egypt. Local guides and attendants come mostly from Alexandria and Cairo for the season.

Disco in Egypt is the same picture - a small dance floor, where European young ladies are dancing, and a lot of Arabs sitting at tables, drinking cocktails - went on a "hunt". It is worth calmly treating this as another feature of rest in Egypt.

For visiting men, you can say that you are not in Thailand - local women just do not meet, maids and waitresses, as a rule, do not seek a close relationship.

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