Fairytale Country - Egypt

The country of camels and eternal pyramids is Egypt. A tour to Egypt for Russians is like an adult fairy tale: unusual adventures, oriental flavor, bazaars and nightlife. Cairo, El Gouna, ancient Alexandria - these resorts have long been loved by many vacationers.

Due to favorable climatic conditions, the season of active entertainment and recreation lasts all year round.

Cruises on the great river Nile are very attractive for tourists. Trips on water, the Egyptian pyramids are described in many works of art.

Among the variety of Egyptian cultural monuments, Luxor occupies a separate place. It is quite justifiably called as an open-air museum. Many ancient riches have survived to our time: the Valley of the Kings, the colossi of Memnon and ancient ruins. The weather in Luxor is dry and warm, with occasional light rain.

The cities of Egypt are very different from each other. The capital Cairo is lively and modern, the former capital of Egypt, Alexandria is ancient and unhurried, and chic Sharm el-Sheikh is a luxurious entertainment center and the most expensive vacation.

To this we must add a variety of programs for active recreation (various excursions, diving, yachting, cruises). Egyptian national cuisine is so diverse that it suits both vegetarians and lovers of meat dishes. A large number of different spices and aromatic seasonings gives us a chance to get new taste sensations, but only they are all very spicy.

Fairytale Country - Egypt Hotels in Egypt provide not only exquisite oriental cuisine, but European dishes. A harmonious combination of ancient history and modern achievements - such is Egypt today.

Proud Sphinxes, sandy beaches, sea and sun, pyramids and the huge Nile - all this is striking in its beauty.

Egypt is truly a "country of contrasts": cunning Bedouins and European tourists, huge hotels and cozy little restaurants, expensive cars and camels and old carts.

Maybe you'll get lucky and get to an Egyptian wedding and camel races, but you'll be sure to bargain hoarsely with a shopkeeper over trifles.

Unique Egypt, with its spirit of the Arab world, the hot sun and the caressing sea - this modern fairy tale is available to anyone.

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