Taba - a fairy tale in a world of reality

Taba is one of the most picturesque cities in Egypt. It is located on the border of four countries. In fact, Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The resort is famous for its wonderful views and golden beaches, which are located in areas where high granite mountains slightly recede from the sea.

Like the rest of Egypt, the climate here is hot and dry. High temperatures are kept here almost all year round, allowing tourists from all countries to come here at any time of year. Especially popular among Israeli tourists is Taba. Due not only to its close geographical location, but also the permission to stay in the city without a visa for two weeks. You can get here by flying to Sharm El Sheikh, and from there by a five-hour transfer directly to Taba.

Despite the fact that the city has a rather turbulent past, as at different times was part of different countries, today it is a quiet, secluded place, perfect for family holidays. In Taba there are many hotels, and almost all of them are high class and allow you to relax with comfort and convenience.

Taba is a great place for diving, because the underwater reefs near the shore are striking for their beauty and brightness. Even if you just started practicing this sport, you will not have any difficulties, because the entrance to the sea here is very gentle and smooth, without sharp cliffs. To help beginners in the city there are three excellent diving centers, which conduct training at a very high level, corresponding to all international standards.

Taba - a fairy tale in a world of reality Taba is also enticing for its excursions. Having been in different eras as part of different countries, it now combines different cultures and historical monuments. Tours to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea depart regularly from here. Only from Taba depart excursions to the island of the Pharaohs, surrounded by a fabulous beauty of the sea reef. There is an ancient crusader castle Salah El Dinah. In the evenings there are colorful shows and performances. Also in Taba is the Colorful Canyon, a unique natural attraction that amazes tourists with its beauty. Those who are interested in the history of religion can visit the mountain of Moses and the monastery of St. Catherine. If you want, you can also go on excursions to other cities in Egypt.

Taba is a wonderful and picturesque place for a quiet and secluded vacation at sea with the whole family. Here you can spend a great time with children. If possible, be sure to visit this paradise corner of our planet.

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