Exchange rate of Thai baht to ruble online

The Thai baht has been Thailand's national currency since 1928. This currency has a rich history. Earlier "baht" was a unit of measure - tikaliy, which served as a monetary unit and unit of mass measurement. For a long time, about 500 years, it was tikalı that was the unit of account in Thailand.

The exchange rate of the baht to the ruble online

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It is noteworthy that Thai currency was minted in Siam, and in 1861 the tikal was officially called baht by the Thai authorities, and in 1928 the Thai baht was recognized as a single national currency and the first series of printed banknotes and minted coins were issued. The Thai baht has survived 16 series of printed currency issues, with the latest changes adopted in January 2012.
In addition, the Thai baht has been issued in a series of commemorative banknotes 13 times, making it the absolute record holder among all currencies in terms of the number of serial issues. During wartime, the Thai baht was closely tied to the Japanese yen, making Japan a forwarder in economic relations with Thailand.
However, after the end of the war and the post-war crisis, Thailand's priority went back to the U.S. dollar. Despite the fact that Thailand is a country with a stable economic situation due to the developed tourism industry, today the Thai baht is in the status of "floating exchange rate". "Floating" exchange rate is a state of national currency exchange rate, in which the value of the currency is allowed to fluctuate depending on the external foreign exchange market.
To date, the rate of the Thai baht remains unstable and its indicator changes daily. However, the coefficient of exchange rate changes is insignificant. So, according to the rate of Thai Baht online 1 U.S. dollar is equivalent to 32.08 Thai baht. And the rate of Thai baht to the ruble is 0.52 baht per 1 Russian ruble. As for the ratio of the Thai baht with the other world leaders in the foreign exchange market, then 1 euro today would be equivalent to 37.73 baht, and 1 pound sterling would cost the buyer in 43 Thai baht.

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