Turkey: amazing and attractive

Turkey: amazing and attractiveTurkey: amazing and attractive Turkey is quite a popular destination both in winter and summer. A huge number of tourists and travelers come here every year. They are attracted by the extraordinary combination of Europe and Asia in one country, democratic values and Muslim customs, the unusual rhythm of modern life.

Turkey is washed on all four sides of the sea: the Mediterranean, Marmara, Aegean and Black Sea. On the shores of these seas is a large number of all kinds of hotels, suitable for every purse and taste. This oriental country is notable for high quality service, willingness to please all customers, and the world-famous oriental hospitality. Hotels of different resorts are ready to gladly open their doors to travelers and tourists all over the world.

The nature of these places is very beautiful! The emerald waters of the seas, the very clean beaches, and the welcoming sun await their guests with open arms. The resort season in the country begins in April and ends in October. However, in winter one will not be bored here either. A huge number of tourists and travelers visit this country just in the winter season to get to the ski resorts. The tracks of Palandoken and Uludag are the best in all of Europe. Affordable prices combined with high quality services help to attract more and more travelers and tourists here every year.

In addition to beach holidays there is a huge number of opportunities for the development of brain activity. Turkey is considered the cradle of several cultures that developed during the Byzantine, Ottoman and Roman Empires. Today, this country is a place where many cultural as well as historical sites have accumulated. A total of thirteen sites in Turkey are listed as World Heritage Sites. In addition, Turkey is home to two of the seven possible wonders of the world - the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus and the Temple of Artemis, located in Ephesus. If you decide to come to Turkey, be sure to visit Cappadocia, Pamukkale, the ancient cities of Troy, Ephesus, and Hierapolis, the palaces and mosques of Istanbul, and the ancient Christian shrines.

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