Amazing corners of Israel

Sometimes it is difficult to choose a place to rest, especially with the huge variety of travel agencies, offering trips to any interesting and pleasant places to rest. Those who like to relax on the beach and enjoy the sights can go to the island of Cyprus from Moscow, or spend a more active vacation in the mountains. Many are interested in historical sites or religious monuments. But some travelers sometimes find it difficult to choose one or the other. Nevertheless, a rare opportunity to get everything at once is available to the lucky few who choose to travel to Israel from Moscow. It is here you can not only have a good rest on the shores of two seas, but also to enrich themselves spiritually and culturally. Nowhere else in the world do not find such an amazing mix of three different religions and a variety of temples as in Israel. Welcoming waters of the Red Sea and the curative depths of the Dead Sea will suit those who want not only to relax but also to improve their health. Moreover, few places to find such an amazing combination of hot deserts and snow-capped mountains, which can please more active tourists.

In the course of several millennia of history, this land has been saturated with significant historical events. From the formation and development of the world's religions to some of the bloodiest wars. Each of these events has been memorialized with magnificent monuments. Apart from the many beautiful churches and mosques located in Israel, you can find such important places as the Temple Mount and the Gethsemane Garden, the famous Temple of the Holy Sepulcher and no less famous Wailing Wall, which annually visit hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from all over the world. You can also visit the legendary places that were mentioned in the Bible, for example, in Israel is the place where Noah built his ark that became legendary - Jaffa.

Amazing corners of Israel Tourists to Israel have a rare opportunity to visit the village of Kanna, which became famous for the first miracle performed by Jesus. Equally significant are the majestic Temple of the Annunciation and the Carmelite monastery on Mount Carmel. History buffs will lose count trying to visit, or at least remember, all the sites located here. In the Negev desert alone can be found and the legendary mines of King Solomon, and the excavation of the ancient Nebatian cities, and no less famous crater Ramon. It is impossible to describe all the abundance of significant places and historical events that have taken place, with which the land of Israel is rich.

But it is not only the cultural heritage that attracts so many people to these places. Many tourists come to Israel for health purposes, because this contributes to clean air, and the presence of two seas, whose waters are unimaginably rich in minerals. Also known for its healing powers and thermal springs, in abundance are located in this land. Only here you can find such an incredible interweaving of man-made monuments and natural attractions.

Special mention should be made of the Massada fortress, which is located in the mountains, on sheer cliffs, or the no less famous and unique nature reserve Ein Gedi. Only here vacationers have a rare opportunity to rest not only bodily, thanks to the developed recreational complex, but also morally, with the help of modern psychological training. This trip is a rare opportunity to find out what a real vacation. Moreover, unlike a trip to Cyprus or Europe, vacation in Israel strikes its low cost, which only adds to its attractiveness.

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