Vietnam and its capital Hanoi

Vietnam is one of the most exotic countries in the world. It is a country with a booming economy, impressing tourists with its ancient culture and numerous attractions.

Vietnam is located on the Indochina Peninsula, in southeast Asia. The country is located near the shores of the South China Sea, with mountains, islands and archipelagos in part of its territory. The country has more than 80 million people, most of them are Vietnamese. The official language is Vietnamese, but many people speak French, English, and some even Russian. The official religion is Buddhism.

The capital of Vietnam is the city of Hanoi (translated as "surrounded by the river"). The city is located on the banks of the Red River. Hanoi became the capital back in 1010. Currently, Hanoi is a large city with a population of about 4 million people.

The most popular tourist spot in the capital is the Mausoleum of Comrade Ho Chi Minh. It is guarded by an honor guard. Of interest to tourists is the Temple of Literature, built in the early 11th century in honor of the great Confucius. It consists of two buildings. The first is the Temple, the second was built as the First University of Vietnam. The State Museum of Art contains works by Vietnamese artists, sculptures, and archaeological finds. It is also worth going to the History Museum, the Army Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, the Museum of the Revolution.

Vietnam and its capital Hanoi Nature lovers are advised to go to the beautiful Western Lake, formed when part of the land was flooded by the Red River. This is an unusually picturesque place, the resting place of the former kings. Here you can see the palaces and various shrines and pagodas. If you have time, take a walk along the trail along the lake. Its length is 14 km, and at the end there is the Peach Orchard, Flower Village, and the Buddhist Temple of Tai Ho. The West Lake complex is a place where there are modern hotels, restaurants, and where tourists can taste many delicacies of Vietnamese cuisine.

For lovers of the exotic and just curious organize a visit to the Snake Village nearby is the capital of Hanoi. The village is a real serpentarium, where residents breed snakes in their homes, including very poisonous ones. The villagers have been breeding snakes for over nine hundred years. The village sells medicines and tinctures made with snake venom. In addition, there are restaurants where tourists are served snake dishes.

Vietnam has many amazing tourist routes and once you visit this exotic country, you want to come back here more than once.

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