What you need to know when going to India

What you need to know when going to India

In order not to spoil the experience of visiting this wonderful country, you need to be aware of some little things:

1. Change money at authorized banks and exchange offices.

2. be sure to keep your exchange receipts. Without them you will not be exchanged the rest of your rupees when you leave India.

Do not buy tickets for transportation from individuals.

4. keep in mind that it is forbidden to take out wild animals and some products.

5. It is necessary to have a certificate certifying the purchase of items that are made from materials of animal origin. You also need an export permit.

6. It is forbidden to export antiques over one hundred years old.

7. Drink only water from sealed bottles. Do not order drinks with ice in restaurants.

8. There are a large number of monkeys living in cities and some neighborhoods who are not afraid of people and can be aggressive. There are monkeys that are specially trained to steal cell phones, cameras, and wallets.

9. Do not leave things unattended and always close windows and doors in hotels.

10. Digestive regulators can come in handy because the difference in the microorganisms of our countries sometimes causes a negative reaction of the digestive organs.

11. The food in restaurants is most often spicy. When ordering, you can ask for a dish without spices.

What you need to know when going to India 12. India's climate is hot and humid, so you should take light, loose cotton clothing. Inexpensive Indian clothing can be purchased.

13. Sun exposure in the country is high, so it is necessary to take with strong skin protectors and necessarily headgear.

14. It is not advisable to wear shorts and open tops in public places. Shoulders and knees should always be covered when visiting temples. It is customary to visit religious sites without shoes, so socks do not hurt.

15. In India, guides take tourists to those stores where they have the opportunity to get a percentage of sales. Usually the stores with quality merchandise are chosen, and receipts and certificates are issued. At a large number of markets, you can buy things much cheaper without a quality guarantee and certificates. In certified stores, especially when buying expensive items, it is possible to get export documents.

16. It is forbidden to take out of the country skins of wild animals, plumage of colorful birds, skin from reptiles and articles made of them, plants, jewelry and ornaments worth more than 2000 rupees, gold and silver in bullion, objects of any antiques.

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