Turin sights

Turin is a city in northwestern Italy. It is a large administrative center and the fourth largest in terms of population.

The symbol of this beautiful city is considered to be the bull, as it can be read even in the name of the city, which means "little bull". The image of Turin can be found everywhere, from the sights of the city to the paving stones where this symbol is engraved. Turin's calling card and its second symbol is the majestic Mole Antonelliama Tower. The grandeur of the tower lies in the fact that it is the tallest tower in Italy, but it is handmade. The height of the tower - 167,5 meters. In all the shops and stores in the city you'll find souvenirs with these two symbols. It is part of the sights in Turin and always popular with tourists.

The famous ruling dynasty in Turin has left us luxurious palaces and residences. Each of them is beautiful in its own way and unique. Castello del Valentino, Palazzo Reale, Plazzo Carignano, Paalazzo Madama are the most beautiful architectural works.

Everyone knows that Turin has the best pastry shops and coffee shops, which can also be put on the list that makes up the attractions of Turin. Visit one of these beautiful coffee shops and participate in a tasting of ice cream, chocolate and other sweets. After the famous Duke Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia introduced cocoa to Italy, chocolate treats became a favorite for Turinians and all Italians. Turin is the confectionary center of Italy; it was here that the workshops for making the popular praline candies were opened. In 1946 the local confectioner Pietro Ferrero became famous all over the world and made Italy famous with his pasta Nutella. To this day Nutella is a favorite treat of people all over the world.

Turin sights To entertain yourself a bit, you can visit coffee houses in Turin, which, thanks to their interior, take you back a couple of centuries. Very often these coffee houses have an interesting history and keep a lot of secrets. For example in the coffee house Caffe al Bicerin spent time Alexander Dumas himself, and Caffe Elena famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

The cafes and bars in the city are very beautiful, and you can even see products made of precious wood and marble in them. In the prestigious cafes of this wonderful city there is always a very large selection of tea, coffee and chocolate, because it has always been famous for its confectionary traditions.

The landmark and landmark of Turin is the Mole Antonelliana Tower, which is the most interesting structure. Mole Antonelliana is considered a symbol of Turin and a monument of architecture since the beginning of the 19th century. The height of this building is 160 meters. It has elevators that allow you to get to the observation deck and admire the panorama of this wonderful city. Nowadays there is a museum of cinematography, the largest and most famous museum of the genre. You can admire the masterpieces of cinematography in a large hall with comfortable chairs.

You can't help but fall in love with this city once you visit. It will stay in your heart forever.

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