Italy: tradition and modernity

Italy: tradition and modernity

Modern traditions of Italy

It is no accident that Italy is called one of the most beautiful and romantic countries in the world. The very air of this extraordinary country is saturated with the spirit of creativity and poetry. The best artists and sculptors created their works here. Italy is a country with rich cultural traditions. Here the benefits of modern civilization harmoniously coexist with the monuments of antiquity - each of which is a vivid trace in the history of mankind.

The sights of Italy are not only the ruins of ancient cities or lush palaces of the Vatican. The country is famous for its beautiful nature: the beautiful lakes in the northern part of the country, the steep slopes of the Alps and, of course, the unique seashore with its famous beaches and azure clear sea. See for yourself only if you visit Italy, pre-selected a suitable tour.

The splendor of Italian cities

If you are trying to solve the problem of what to see in Italy, first of all you should visit these majestic cities. Rome - the capital of the country and at the same time, the city-history, the city-monument, the cradle of the Christian faith, where the most famous and attractive monuments of Italy are concentrated. The Colosseum and the Forum of Rome are the city's calling card and the most famous local attractions.

Interesting places in Italy are not only the Eternal City. Floating maritime miracle - Venice - a worthy competitor to the Italian capital. People, who have never been here, associate Venice with canals, sharp smell of sea, gondoliers with their famous barkarols and, of course, with the famous Venetian courtesans - educated beautiful women, many of whom left their mark on the history of the country. Venice has preserved the features of a medieval city to this day. Venice has been predicted its demise many times, but the city continues to live and delight its many visitors with its beauty.

Italy: tradition and modernity

Florence is the cultural capital of Italy. Leonardo da Vinci, Benvenuto Cellini, Raphael Santi, Dante Alighieri... The list could go on, if not indefinitely, then at least for a very, very long time. And these are just the most famous Florentines. Galileo, though not originally from Florence, lived in the city for most of his life. Of the more modern Florentines we can name M. Oginsky (composer, author of the famous polonaise), E. Fermi (physicist), G. Marconi (inventor of the wireless telegraph). Even the famous literary hero Pinocchio (from whom A. Tolstoy copied his famous Pinocchio!) was born in Florence.

The sights in this city are enough for several days. The local art galleries alone are worth a visit! The cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is a remarkable historical monument. The dome of the cathedral is made of bricks! A work of art and an engineering phenomenon.

It is worth seeing in Florence the Ponte Vecchio Bridge, which has fully preserved the features of the Middle Ages: old houses and benches built right on the bridge. This is the only bridge of its kind in Italy, preserved almost in pristine condition. The others were less fortunate: they were destroyed by time and the Second World War...

This is the most superficial overview of Italian sights. In fact, whole volumes could be written about them. Italy should be visited at least once in a lifetime by every lover of beauty. And everyone will discover their own Italy!

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