Your guide to Naples

Your guide to Naples

Guide to Naples

You've probably been in love with Italy for a long time now, so I won't tell you how an Italian boot can affect your life. Rather, I will try to make you fall in love with hot Naples and dispel the myths and negative comments about Italy's most chaotic city.

To taste Italy not only visually, but also literally, you can't do without Naples. The capital of the tourist center of Southern Italy, the third largest city after Rome and Milan, it will welcome you with open arms, in Neapolitan style. Already in the city itself, you will finally understand what it is that has been attracting people to Naples for centuries. Perhaps the smell of history, which is more than 4,000 years old? The breathtaking panorama of the Bay of Naples, the breathing Vesuvius, the fish restaurants on the Mergedina promenade, the cobblestones of the historic UNESCO World Heritage Center, castles and fortresses from different centuries, the damp underground Naples, the eerie cemeteries and catacombs, and what to say about the abundance of active churches, basilicas and temples. ...The Royal Palace, museums galore, famous streets of artisans and five-star restaurants overlooking the sea. You will be amazed by the parking and driving skills of battered Fiat and plum-black Mazeratti. You are sure to meet with a lady of balzac age with diamonds on manicured fingers. You will smile at her gallant macho companion in a dazzling white shirt. You'll be surprised to find out that the couple is in their seventies.

You will also be surprised by the warm welcome of the Neapolitans in every institution-restaurant-shop-bar-hotel-on the street. You are sure to be amazed by the scale of Plebescito Square and you should definitely plunge into the stream of people on Via Toledo. If you expect to spend in Naples just one day or, God forbid, half a day, I disappoint you right away, you will not succeed. You'll only have time to inhale the smell of the sea, but you won't even touch the water. The city is so big and different that you can count on at least a weekend "run" through Naples.

So, my dear tourist, prepare your feet for miles of hiking, your mind and soul to perceive the beautiful, heavenly and very tasty Naples.

As your guide in Naples, it is my pleasure to be your guide to this beautiful city.

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