Did you know that in Italy...

Stunning resorts.

Ski resorts, holidays on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea... Holidays in Italy are now very popular. The amazing atmosphere of small snow-covered towns, landscapes of mountains - everything is as if from a fairy tale. A vacation on the shore of the warm sea, among the happy Italians - charging a good mood for a long time. The choice of resorts is very large, you can find something that will be to your liking.

The Baroque was born.

The current that changed the whole world appeared in the major Italian cities. The vividness, richness, and scope of Baroque art in all spheres infected all of Europe, leaving a vivid imprint on the history and culture of many countries.

Did you know that in Italy... Pizza and pasta were born.

It's a sin to visit Italy and not try these national dishes. What we eat every day - pizza and pasta - was born here, in sunny, cheerful Italy. Here it's not just a food, but an art, a centuries-old tradition.

The best voices in the world.

Just think of Pavarotti... But he was not the only one who was a truly brilliant vocalist. Modern opera singer Cicilia Bertolli captivates with her inimitable Italian charisma and amazing voice. And the voice of Toto Cutugno gives me goosebumps... And the list goes on and on!

This is the fashion capital of Milan.

Milan hosts an annual fashion week, which brings together celebrities and fashionistas from around the world. This city is famous for the number of clothing stores. But besides that, here is a very unusual cuisine and fascinating culture. Of course, Napoleon and his Josephine lived in this city!

One could write about the splendor of Italy endlessly. It is famous for its sights - the Pantheon, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the famous theater La Scala, many cathedrals... you can't count everything. To admire and enjoy the Italian culture and warmth, you can only be there, in a corner of paradise on our planet.

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