Italy: Piedmont Region

The name Piedmont can be literally translated as "at the foot of the mountains. The area is indeed at the foot of the Alps on one side and the Apennines on the other. The Piedmont Alps are home to Mount Monte Rosa, the second highest peak in Italy. And the longest river, the Po, also originates in this area.

It was with Piedmont that the unification of Italy began, and its first capital was Turin. It is a very diverse city full of poetry and beauty, industry and romance. Turin was admired by Casanova, Goethe, and Lamartine.

Today the city is recognized as the capital of modern art. There are many museums, galleries, and expositions of avant-garde trends and at the same time it is a baroque city.

The Egyptian Museum, which has become a calling card of Turin, is known throughout the world, on a par with Cairo. It is interesting to explore the collections of the National Museum of Cinematography, visit historic chocolate shops and cafes where you can relax between walks.

The Mole Antonelli Tower is a symbol of the city and is named after its architect, Alessandro Antonelli. It was completed at the same time as the Eiffel Tower and is the tallest handmade masonry tower in Italy. From its observation deck you can see a magnificent view of all of Turin.

When visiting any region of Italy, it is impossible not to get acquainted with the peculiarities of local cuisine. Piedmont cuisine is characterized by a large number of rice dishes, from casseroles to black rice risotto. Cold meat snacks, anchovies, capers, polenta and potato gnocchi are very popular here. Piedmont produces the oldest cheeses Castelmagno and Gorgonzola, various types of chocolate and the most famous wines.

Italy: Piedmont Region The vineyards of this region are called the local Burgundy. The famous Barolo and Barbaresco wines are produced here. The vermouths "Martini" and "Cinzano" also come from this area.

In Piedmont, not far from Turin, in the town of Ivrea, there is a carnival known as much as the Venetian carnival. During the month there are festivals and Orange Wars, in which the whole town takes part. Anyone can throw oranges.

The city of Alba also has a wonderful festival of white truffles. The locals call them "white diamonds" for their value and extraordinary taste.

At the fair you can watch the costume and musical shows and taste the masterpieces of mushroom cuisine.

Traveling around Piedmont, you can learn a lot about local life, traditions, history and cuisine.

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