Family vacations in Italy: attractions

Italy attracts tourists with its cities with a rich history. Many of them, thanks to numerous masterpieces of architecture, sculpture and painting, are perceived as museum cities. Famous creators - artists, sculptors, architects - have participated in the formation of the unique appearance of cities for many centuries. That is why Italy is so attractive to their followers and just connoisseurs of art.

Rome is not only the modern Italian capital, but also the center of the ancient Roman Empire and family holidays in Italy will allow you to plunge into history a little. Its most visited attractions are the Colosseum - an ancient amphitheater with a bloody history and the Pantheon. This ancient temple complex was dedicated to numerous Roman gods. He is so famous that even his name has become a household name. For many centuries, great generals went from Rome to new conquests, and when they returned victorious, triumphal arches were erected in their honor, several of which have survived to this day. How the memory of the Roman Republic came down to us the Roman Forum and the Imperial Forum.

Christianity was born during the Roman Empire. It is interesting to trace the path of its development from the catacombs, where the first worshipers of Christ secretly gathered to the Vatican, a powerful ecclesiastical state. There are so many sights in Rome that you can spend many days in this city and not see them all, but other Italian cities have something to attract tourists who have chosen a family vacation in Italy.

Family vacations in Italy: attractions Venice is a unique city. She, perhaps even more than Rome, was sung in the poems and prose of the masters of the pen of different times. Today in Venice, the largest influx of tourists during the Venetian carnival, but besides it, there is something to see in this city.

Florence is famous for the people who lived in it. The scandalous Medici dynasty paid much attention to the development of the aesthetic appearance of the city. Such geniuses as Donatello, da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli and many other not so famous creators worked here. Today, Florence enchants with its medieval style, which has hardly changed over time and will be a great place to spend a family holiday in Italy.

Milan plays an important role in the modern history of Italy. It cannot boast of many historical values, but it is a place of pilgrimage for fashion adepts. In addition, Milan is considered the business center of Italy.

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