A real Italian vacation

A real Italian vacationA real Italian vacation One of the most favorite countries among tourists is Italy, and it is more than justified. It undoubtedly beckons with its abundance of resorts and such a comfortable subtropical climate. Even just wandering through its streets, you can feel in a huge museum of the Renaissance: a variety of architecture, and fascinating sculptures of its grandeur. It is as if time slows down, stops and then seems to go backwards, bringing you into a mysterious and at the same time romantic Middle Ages.

For first-time visitors to this country, a visit to Rome is a priority. See the oldest temple, the Pantheon, which was erected in the I century B.C. It is also impossible to pass by the Colosseum and not feel the power of the ancient amphitheater. To visit the smallest, but fully autonomous state - the Vatican City. Here is the residence of the Pope, surrounded by historical and religious buildings and monuments.

Milan, on the other hand, is enchanted by La Scala Theater, Venice by the abundance of canals, bridges and, of course, gondolas. During the Medici period, Florence flocked the most brilliant artists, which is why its architecture is so rich and varied, and where museums with grandiose collections of masterpieces of Italian painters are located.

A real Italian vacationA real Italian vacation Italy can attract not only fans of historical heritage, but also lovers of beaches and fans of amazing landscapes. Each of Italy's islands is valuable and unique in its own way. Sardinia undoubtedly conquer the snow-white beaches, lakes with flocks of flamingos, cliffs of granite. The coral you can not find growing there in any other European country. Sicily unreservedly attracts by the fact that it is washed by three seas simultaneously. Also on this island is the volcano Etna, surrounded by blooming gardens and beautiful beaches. Do not forget about the warmth and hospitality of the locals, which will make any part of Italy even more pleasant and wonderful.

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