Gastronomic tour in Italy

Gastronomic tour in Italy - This is a great opportunity not only to see a really interesting country with a rich history, but also to taste the dishes of its many cuisines - from Tuscan to Umbrian, because only from a distance you can say that there is a single Italian cuisine - there are exactly as many types in Italy as there are provinces. The most colorful and interesting dishes are those of northern and central Italy.

As a rule, gastronomic tour in Italy, and implies a week-long trip around the country - the stops follow in each province. And at each stop tourist is waiting for either a tasting of local wines, or a visit to a restaurant where everything from the interior to specialties, is the heritage of a particular province. National restaurants are interspersed with interesting excursions and walks, and time is also provided for free sightseeing.

Gastronomic tour in Italy In addition to the fact that you are given the opportunity to taste the most characteristic dishes of a particular province, there is always the opportunity to learn from the local chef, and in the choice of dishes on the menu you will be helped by the accompanying guide. Special mention should be made of wine tasting - especially good wines from Lombardy and by choosing a gastronomic tour in Italy, most of them necessarily include a visit to this particular province.

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