Italy: Island of Sardinia

According to legend, it was on this island that God entered our land and rewarded it with amazingly beautiful places and a clear sea.

The landscapes of Sardinia mesmerizing white sand of endless shores, wooded mountain slopes and turquoise sea. Many world celebrities vacation on this island, including Tom Cruise and Tina Turner, Leonardo DiCaprio and the incomparable Naomi Campbell.

The name Sardinia, according to the locals, comes from the son of Hercules - Sardos, from whose name the islanders, and then the island itself, began to be called Sardis. Sardinia has always attracted conquerors by its strategic location. On the island were the Greeks, the Romans, the Carthaginians, the French and the Austrians. Since 1861 Sardinia is part of Italy.

Today the island is a very popular and well-known resort of the country. Here is one-fourth of all Italian beaches. The resorts of Green Beach and Emerald are known to tourists all over the world. And at the same time on the island you can find nooks and secluded beaches almost untouched by civilization.

Sardinia in Italy has a very rich history. Here you can find traces of many ancient civilizations: Roman baths and amphitheaters, the necropolis of the Phoenicians, the fortresses of Genoa and Pisa, Gothic and Romanesque churches and cathedrals.

The main part of the attractions of Sardinia is in its capital, Cagliari. The architecture of the city is a mixture of many styles. The modern city is divided in two, a medieval city and a modern one, but both have many narrow streets, palaces and churches.

Italy: Island of Sardinia There are many festivals and processions in Sardinia. The most famous is the Cavalcade Sarda in Sassari. Carnival costumes, tricks of the "knights", flowers, colorful decorations, foot and horse columns fill the streets throughout the festival.

The island's culinary traditions are best learned in the local hinterland. It is based on meat, cheese, bread and milk. The islanders have been engaged in hunting and cattle breeding since ancient times, which is reflected in the recipe. Sardinian cuisine is called "rustic" for its simplicity.

The area around the town of San Gavino is home to the famous spice, saffron. In November, there is a saffron festival. If you go there, you can learn more about this spice and its unique properties.

A visit to this extraordinary island will not leave anyone indifferent.

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