How to spend time in Venice?

Venice can be compared to a fairy-tale town filled with romance. Here you can not only ride a boat and a gondola along the Grand Canal, but also visit beautiful architectural places.

Where to begin?

So, first of all, it is worth visiting Piazza San Marco in the morning. It is best to visit this place before 8 am, so at this time there will be no bustle due to the large flow of tourists. And there will be no annoying pigeons either. It is at this time that you can feel peace. In order to relax and drink a cup of coffee here, you can go to the Lavena or Kuardi cafes. But when the city wakes up from sleep, you can go to the Cathedral of San Marco or the Doge's Palace.

It is also worth taking a walk along the banks of the Grand Canal, where you can see the especially romantic Bridge of Sighs or the Rialto Bridge, but here a crowd of tourists awaits you.

But as for the evening, there is a fairly large selection. It all depends on what you want to see. You can visit the opera or go to a restaurant. You can also visit the embankments of the canals, or go on a picnic in the Venetian lagoon. On the water you can ride a boat, as well as a special tram.

If you are here for shopping, then this place is also suitable for this. On Mercerie Street or Cale Larga, you can find many boutiques and buy clothes or shoes from well-known brands.

How to spend time in Venice? Those who expect to lie on the beach, then you are welcome to the Lido di Venezia beach. The best time to visit this beach is August or September. Since it is at this time that the Film Festival takes place here, and by visiting it you can meet a large number of stars and even take pictures with them. The Adriatic Sea and its beach are perfect for those who want to soak up the sun or just swim.

Nightlife is also plentiful here. Clubs, bars, jazz clubs, casinos. The Piccolo Mondo club is considered quite famous. Here you can not only dance, but also drink. But the choice is not great. But if you want to visit a chic bar or the best dance floor, European-style cocktails and snacks, then Hollywood and Piazza Mazzini are suitable.

For memories, you can buy a lot of souvenirs here, such as Murano glass, jewelry, tapestries and much more.

So there is a lot to see and do in Venice. Every vacationer can find something to their liking. Have a nice rest!

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