Portofino on the map of Italy

Portofino, the most popular and luxurious resort on the Ligurian Riviera, seems to loom up in the blue sky and is reflected by its colorful houses in the clear blue water. The city has a quiet and unique charm. There are no big entertainment centers and noisy nightlife. It is a place of quiet rest for lovers of romance and fairy tales, surrounded by houses and boats of different colors. Portofino has long prohibited construction, and the city has not changed since the days when many famous artists and writers vacationed here.

Like the history of many Ligurian settlements, the history of the founding of Portofino on the map of Italy has not survived. The name of the city itself, according to one version, comes from the mountain of the same name, and according to another from the ancient name "port of dolphins", because the outline of the peninsula looks a bit like a dolphin.

The resort is known as a place for interesting people. In ancient times it was just a fishing village - today it is a famous resort for the select few. Portofino, located about 20 km from the city of Genoa, is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

History lives here at every step. The beauty and tranquility of Portofino attracts lovers of leisure without fuss. Only in this place you can find the bridge, which was built before Christ, and entering the church, admire the work of the most famous artist. Portofino on the map of Italy was the favorite resort of Maria de Medici, Petrarch and Maupassant.

It has everything: ancient buildings, magnificent nature, beaches and luxurious stores. Although the city is considered to belong to the Roman era, its main attraction is the colorful fishermen's houses. On the seaside boulevard you can see Villa Durazza, which is surrounded by a park and garden, fountains and statues.

Portofino on the map of Italy Cape Portofino, where the national park is located, is considered the symbol of this coastal strip. There are a large number of plants, and from the top of the mountain you can see the islands of Elba and Corsica.

From the sea there is an unusually beautiful view of the shore, rugged cliffs, colorful fishing villages and boats. These places are protected by UNESCO for their unique beauty.

Many celebrities vacation and have vacationed in this resort, and millionaires buy houses and villas. Secularity and exclusivity are the definition of modern Portofino, located on the map of Italy.

Having been to Liguria and visited Portofino, the tourist has the opportunity to relax and feel like a millionaire.

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