Excursion bus tours in Europe: pros and cons

Bus tour

Every person who goes to another country wants to see as many beautiful, famous places as possible. It is difficult and expensive to see many cities and attractions on your own in one vacation. To make life easier for the inquisitive tourist opened bus tours, where in one trip you can visit several countries. Each interesting offer has its pros and cons. About them in this article.

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Advantages of the bus tour

1. Price

Not high for a visit to three, four countries. The trip includes interesting cities, the most famous attractions. If you plan to visit so many countries yourself, you need a clear plan, buy tickets, book hotels. Even if you rent a car, you have to think about gas and parking. And the one who will drive will not be able to fully relax on vacation.

2. Companion along the route

He is with the group all the time. You can go to him for any question. He will advise you where to go in your free time, where to buy souvenirs and gifts, tell you about stores in each city with great prices for shopping.

3. Hotel check-in

You don't have to wait for a certain hour. The tour is structured so that as soon as the group arrives at the hotel, they are immediately accommodated. You do not have to rush around with your things, as you would do on your own. You load your luggage onto the bus, drive up to the hotel, take your suitcase and go to your room.

4. excursions

All tours are included in the price. There are many excursions and they are interesting, sometimes two or three per city. You only have to pay extra for museum admission tickets and headphones.

5. Visiting large malls and outlets

On our trips, we plan to stop by stores that are far out of town. And it is difficult to get to them without a car. Prices in such stores are much lower than in the center.

Bus tour

Minuses of the bus tour

1. departure

Not all buses leave Minsk.

2. Overnight moves

It is better not to buy a tour with overnight travel. It is cheaper, but physically exhausting. You will have to travel all night without proper rest and sleep, and then take the whole day of the story about the beauties of the country.

3. hotels

Hotels on such trips are not of the highest class. Most of them are outside the city. It may turn out to be very decent, or it may not. When buying a tour, you can only know the stardom.

4. A lot of information

Strangely enough, what is a plus is also a minus. There are a lot of excursions, the program is intense. It is necessary to listen to the guide, to perceive the information and to try not to lose sight of him, not to get lost in the crowd. And so every day from morning to evening during the whole trip.

5. Early rises

You have to get up very early during the whole trip. It's like going to work. These tours are always scheduled to leave very early so that tourists have time to see as many sights as possible.

6. Obedience to a rigid schedule

The tourist's wishes that he did not have time to go somewhere or buy something will not be heard. To the place of the group must arrive without delay. You can walk around the city as long as it will be allotted time after the excursions.

As you can see, the pros and cons of these trips are the same. But for all their disadvantages, bus tours are a great opportunity to get acquainted with many countries, cities, to understand where you would like to return again. Meet and make friends with new and interesting people.

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