Finland for Russian tourists

Finland has long been and deservedly popular among Russian tourists, who often spend their weekends and vacations here with family or friends. This is not surprising, because this country is close to St. Petersburg and can be reached by any means of transport. Go to Finland from St. Petersburg by personal vehicle is very convenient, because the distance is short, very good road, and registration of various documents for the trip is minimal.

On the road you can make a stop anywhere, admire the amazing Karelian landscapes and see the cultural monuments! A trip to Finland is interesting at any time of the year. In summer, holidays in Finland are an opportunity to relax in cottages on lakes and forests, to go fishing and hunting.

On weekends you can do berry and mushroom picking. The inhabitants of Finland are almost not fond of "silent hunting" at all, so tourists have a great opportunity to return home with baskets full of first-class mushrooms or berries. Several excellent water parks await visitors all year round.

In winter, it is an opportunity to do skiing, and walk in the beautiful forests, and sledding and ice fishing.

Finland for Russian tourists Finland is a country of polar nights, thousands of clear lakes, northern lights and very beautiful forest landscapes. If we talk about the national entertainment in Finland, it is, of course, the sauna.

Sauna is a special ritual beloved by locals, so you can find a sauna in any campsite, cottage or hotel. Finland has many fairs, contests and festivals. Visiting them you can get acquainted with local traditions, national cuisine and buy various souvenirs and handicrafts.

Finland is very fond of children, and therefore the best conditions for family holidays are created here. Many times a year, all stores in the country have very large discounts on almost the entire range. Shopping these days is very pleasant and easy.

Finns love convenience and are very concerned about the environment of the country, so accommodation, even inexpensive camping is very comfortable and thoughtful.

Deciding to relax in Finland, you will have a great opportunity to choose from the mass of travel agencies offer the best option for you.

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