How to choose skis for a beginner

How to choose skis for a beginner

Every year there are more and more tourists at ski resorts. A large number of people lead active lifestyles. But what should a beginner skier do when choosing skis from a huge assortment? Let us try to help.

There are two types of skis - cross-country and alpine. The purpose of alpine skis is clear from their name: skiing downhill. And cross-country skis are all other skis that are not alpine.

There are classic and carving skis. Classic skis are straight skis. And carving skis are those that are widened at the ends and narrowed inside; they are more stable.

Skis are made of plastic or wood. Plastic skis are lightweight and durable. They are constantly being improved. Wooden skis are no longer relevant these days.

Stiffness and length are very important parameters. Skis should not be too soft, because it will be much harder to glide. Hard skis will slip. If the skis are very long, they are difficult to control.

How to choose skis for a beginner

Choosing a cross-country ski

We choose the length of the skis in three ways:

1) measure your height and add 10 cm;

2) Extend your arm upward and subtract 10 cm;

3) there is a table for calculating ski length.

How is the optimum stiffness determined? There are skis on which the skier's weight capacity is marked. If it does not say so, stand on the skis and check the clearance between the floor and the skis: Standing on two skis, the clearance in the front should be 40 cm and 10 cm in the back.

Soft skis with a long pointed toe are suitable for classic skiing. Hard and short skis are for skate skiing.

Choosing a ski

Their length will depend on your weight and height, and your skiing style. The length of the skis for a beginner is the length of height minus 20 cm. And the length for an experienced skier will be equal to the length of height minus 10 cm.

For the beginner, softer skis that are easier to handle will do. For the skier with skills, on the contrary, harder skis.

With the right skis, you'll get the most out of this active sport. And you will always know how to relax in winter.

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