What to see and do on Koh Maak Island

What to see and do on Koh Maak Island

The Tratov islands in recent years are becoming popular with tourists. The largest of them is Chang. It is also the most famous and popular. But not everyone knows that next to Chang, about 10 kilometers southeast of it, is the island of Ko Mak.

Quite tiny, populated by a few hundred locals, the island guarantees a quality vacation for those who do not like the bustle and crowds.

What to see?

In terms of tourist interest, Mak Island, as well as neighboring Ko Chang (and even to a greater extent) - a place for popular today eco-tourism, the main principles of which are:

  • remoteness from tourist flows;
  • the presence of endemic flora and fauna;
  • opportunities for outdoor activities;
  • the presence of a unique untouched human landscape.

co poppy island

All this is available on Mack Island. So what unique natural attractions can you see there?

Paen Thi Mountain

As on any Thai island there is a mountain on Mak, which offers a stunning view of the entire island, the sea and even the Cambodian mountains.


If you get to the island in November and December, you can see the local waterfalls in all their glory. The rainy season is just over: the island's rivers are filled with water.

coca poppy waterfallsVisitors to the Mak tend to visit the largest waterfall, Klong Plu, and even swim in the stream it creates.

Marakot Cave

Traditionally, the attractions of the Thai karst islands are bizarre caves. Mak is no exception: the Marakot Cave, located inside a cliff, can be reached only by water through a grotto.

Neighboring Islands

There are several satellite islands around Makah. These are the islands of Rayang Nok, Kham and Kradad. Each of them has accommodation, fairly modest bungalows, but with everything you need. The neighboring islands are even less crowded and are ideal for diving and snorkeling, as well as for passive beach holidays.

What to do?

Mack Island is not only a natural attraction. There is also a small temple and a museum. Both attractions are close to Ao Nid Pier, where boats from the mainland and Chang arrive, which is convenient for visiting them.


It is worth noting that the cultural and historical value of these sights is low: the temple is functioning, but extremely ascetic and modest, while the museum recreates the life of Thais and the interior of Thai homes with televisions, furniture and refrigerators.

If we talk about what to do on the island, the main interest are activities related to cognitive eco-tourism.

These are areas such as:

  • diving and snorkeling;
  • fishing;
  • kayaking with a visit to the nearest islands;
  • hiking or biking around the island.

There are dive centers on Ko Mak, which not only rent equipment, but also have the opportunity to take a course of training and obtain the appropriate certificate. These centers also organize dives in the most interesting places surrounding the island.

koh mak resort

Fans of fishing will find themselves at sunset if they go by boat to the sea. The locals promise unreal catch and a real tropical catch.

For those who want a little more exercise, it is recommended to go kayaking or biking, both of which can be rented on the island. Well, and of course, you can take to Paen Thi Mountain on foot. It will take an extra couple of hours, but guarantees health benefits.


The snow-white beaches of Mack Island - this is what travelers from Trat, Rayong and even Pattaya come here for, despite the fact that the latter is far enough away.

koh-mak beach

The coastline of the island is jagged: despite its small size, it is long, which means that there are many beaches on Mac. Most of them are uninhabited and have no tourist infrastructure. But regardless of their degree of civilization, they all have unique features:

  • Bounty-style beaches;
  • A broad line of fine beige sand;
  • The complete absence of people on most beaches;
  • There is always the possibility of seclusion to feel like a desert island.

There are only two civilized beaches:

  • Ao Kao;
  • Suan Yai.

The first is in the south of the island, the second in the north. Both have bars, cafes, hotels, sun loungers and umbrellas, dive centers, and rental points for kayaks, bicycles, and even motorcycles for those who do not like to pedal.

Where to live?

There are no problems with accommodation on Ko Mak. Moreover, the supply of accommodation exceeds demand, so find a free house is not a problem even in high season.

ko mak hotels

There are two types of accommodation on Ko Mak:

  • multifamily gesthouses;
  • detached cottages (bungalows).

There are not many hostels and they are all on the road that runs next to Ao Khao beach. The main tourist accommodation is in bungalows.

Rental prices for accommodations range from $10-$50 per day of stay. Accommodation on Suan Yai is considered to be more expensive.

When to go?

You can vacation on Ko Mak all year round. The dry season, from November to May, is the most comfortable. From June to October, the sky is often cloudy and it rains, but even in this time, holidaymakers come to the island.

How to get there?

Like Ko Chang, Mak Island is administratively part of Trat province and is connected to the mainland by ferry and boat. The cost of the crossing is about $10.

From Trat, watercraft depart from Laem Ngob and Laem Sok piers, which are a half-hour drive from Trat airport.

Planes fly only from Bangkok: several Bangkok Airlines flights a day. You can get to the piers on your own or by shuttle (included in the airfare).

There is also a Chung Mack waterway (from Bang Bao Pier).

If you want to get to Mak by water you can from Rayong and Pattaya.

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