Who was the first to master alpine skiing?

The most popular outdoor activity for millions of people around the world is alpine skiing. And today they often have a question: Who was the first to master this sport? Probably nine out of ten respondents would give this credit to residents of a Nordic country. And quite right: the first to get up on skis is the northern people - the Norwegians. Is it any wonder, given that much of the territory of Norway are mountains covered with snow for almost 365 days a year. Gradually, this kind of recreation attracted the people of other European countries, as well as residents of North America.

Who was the first to master alpine skiing?

The popularity of skiing in Norway is still high today. However, the locals do not consider it just a sport, for them it is something more. People come to Norway to ski at any time of year, even in the height of summer. This small country beckons with its beauty, falling in love with tourists and making them come back. Skiing is not the only entertainment that can afford the people of Norway and visitors to their country. Dog sledding, tobogganing, bobsleigh will appeal to thrill-seekers, and ice skating and snowmobiling are suitable for a leisurely holiday.

Who was the first to master alpine skiing?

Holidays in Norway gives you an amazing opportunity to spend an unforgettable vacation. Also an immediate advantage of this country is that here come not only tourists who prefer active recreation. For example, the mountain slopes in Norway have long been loved by masters of snowboarding. It is impossible to describe in words how much fun any of the young snowboarders to watch the professional stunt, and then try to repeat them on their own. However, tourists who are not into extreme sports should not get upset. No less fun sport is plain skiing in Norway. Snow-covered nature, incredibly beautiful winter landscapes, clean air, gentle slopes for beginners and challenging slopes for professionals - all this is a ski resort in Norway!

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