The best countries for hitchhiking

The best countries for hitchhiking

Where to hitchhike

The best recreation is spontaneous and extreme. It is this type of recreation that fills life with unforgettable experiences. It is not necessary to own thousands of dollars to afford a carefree trip that will be remembered for a lifetime. All you need is a good traveling companion, a few apps on your cell phone, and confidence. Hitchhiking and an inexpensive hotel that even a student can rent allows you to discover not only Russia, but the whole world.

Where to go?

In order to start traveling, you just have to want it badly. It is more difficult to choose where to go. If you are just beginning to discover all the joys of hitchhiking, lay out a route through Russia. A trip from the capital to St. Petersburg, the Caucasus, or the Kuban will be unforgettable.

For those who are not afraid to explore the world, we advise to pay attention to the following countries:

- Poland. It is located not far away, the country's roads are in good condition, it is easy to get a visa, and the local population knows both English and Russian well. In Poland you can see many beautiful castles, parks and enjoy delicious European cuisine.

The best countries for hitchhiking

- Germany. From Poland you can also go to Germany. Hitchhiking is common in this European country, so you won't have to wait long to find a car. It is better to learn in advance how to pronounce your destination in German, and learn to explain to drivers that you are asking for a ride for free.

- Spain. The disadvantage of hitchhiking in Spain is the mistrust of the local population. But if you speak Spanish and trust people, you won't have any problems. Spain has very good roads and lots of gas stations. So you can ask the driver for a ride at least to the next gas station, a smile and your charm will be difficult to refuse.

- France. In this European country, cars are also often caught, and both women and elderly couples are stopped. It is recommended to learn a few phrases in French and arm yourself with a map.

Hitchhiking through Asia can be unforgettable, no matter that your English is not understood. The main thing is that even if you get lost in Thailand or Malaysia, you will remain in a fairy tale. Beautiful nature, mild climate, friendly locals. Rooms in hostels in Moscow and cities in Europe cost almost the same.

Unforgettable and safe travels to you!

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