Holidays in Goa

Holidays in Goa

Goa is the one region in India that resembles Europe in many ways. However, it is not that boring, polluted and noisy Europe, it is the ideal of economic development and environmental conditions. That is why holidays in Goa compete with holidays in the world's most popular resorts.

The main value in Goa is that every traveler will find a vacation that suits his or her price. However, do not think that a cheap vacation will turn into a boring and uninteresting pastime...

Rest in the resorts of Goa is not particularly tied to the price. Yes, there are expensive hotels, restaurants and clubs. But this is not the benchmark that will tell you about the quality of rest. It was noticed that the price of recreation in Goa is falling from the south to the north. Why so happens - it is difficult to answer. But the fact remains that in the south of Goa, you can find a huge variety of five-star hotels with expensive restaurants, as well as prestigious clubs and bars. Here rest the wealthy Indians and a small number of Europeans who are not used to deprive themselves of something.

The main mass of tourists prefer the central and northern resorts of Goa. The prices for services and services will be pleasantly pleasant, while the exoticism and the sense of the Indian spirit will remain at a high level. In general, the real tourist will never choose the ultra-expensive southern regions, which are very similar to Europe and America. There with a stretch to feel the uniqueness of rest in India and experience the sweetness of local attractions and entertainment, institutions with local food and festivals with an abundance of local traditions and rituals. Only such a vacation will give a complete picture of the country, its cultural component and distinctive life.

Holidays in GoaIn addition to getting to know the Hindus and their country, you can enjoy almost every kind of vacation. The symbol of Goa's beaches is diving. It is extremely developed in all of India. The picturesque shelf of the Indian Ocean and the rich nature of the underwater kingdom has made diving in Goa a favorite activity of tourists. Also, off the coast of Goa, somewhere at the bottom of the ocean, lie shipwrecks. Such a number of shipwrecks used to be left at the sites of sea battles, but, interestingly enough, there were no sea battles here. Probably the reason lies in the large number of coral reefs off the coast of Goa. By the way the reefs - another reason to come to Goa, many professional divers will tell you that. And do not limit yourself only to look at the reefs through a transparent bottom of the boat, try to touch them with your own hands - it is quite different! To see such a creation of nature literally next to you is really an unforgettable experience.

But before you go to Goa, it does not hurt to remember a few important things for which you can easily be deported back to your homeland. For example, in India, the cow is considered a sacred animal and any disrespectful attitude towards them is punished very severely. Another sacred animal in Goa is the monkey. And in general, it is a very peaceful place, but at the same time very strict, so you should not show aggression to any animals.

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