Holiday in Turkey in November

In November in Turkey, the sun is no longer happy, and it starts to get cold outside. In this regard, most tourists do not want to go to Turkey. However, this is not quite right.

If you compare it to Russia, you can't say that November in Turkey is cold. During the day the air heats up to +22 degrees, and at night - up to +10-12 degrees. In this case, the water in the sea is kept within the range of +18-20 degrees. In this month, it begins to rain.

Places to rest in Turkey in November

Although the water in the sea is still warm, in November, the beach season is closed. So you can not relax on the beach. In addition, and the Aegean Sea is getting much colder. Hotels in Kusadasi, Bodrum and Marmaris during this period almost no longer accept tourists.

Sides, Alanya and Belek have warmer weather at this time. But even in these places, a beach holiday is almost impossible. Due to the frequent cold winds the sea is often calm. However, if you really want to relax on the beach, it is best to go to Side and Alanya. It rains the least and with a bit of luck you might have a few more days of sunshine, and by midday you might even go for a swim.

Holiday in Turkey in NovemberHoliday in Turkey in NovemberNature in Turkey in November will allow you to enjoy its beauty. Of course you can hardly see flowers, but in this month pomegranates, peaches, oranges, tangerines and bananas are ripening. You will have a great opportunity not only to enjoy these delicious fruits, but also to buy them at reasonable prices.

Turkish holidays in November

This month, Turks celebrate two holidays: Ataturk Memorial Day, which takes place on November 10, and the Festival of Sacrifice, which falls on November 17. Having been to them, most tourists are satisfied. After all, the special traditions of their celebration dominate here. But of course, there is not as much interest in these celebrations as there is in the New Year's Eve celebrations or the various festivals that are organized in other months.

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