Inexpensive hotels in Istanbul and other delights

Turkey, today, is a favorite vacation spot for tourists from different countries. The mild climate, the ancient culture of the country, the excellent level of service in hotels and all kinds of entertainment contribute to attracting more and more people who want to spend their holidays here.

Turkey has a unique landscape: rocky shores are intricately outlined, mountains are covered with a green carpet, sand with a golden sheen on the beach, and most importantly, a warm clear sea. Most of the hotels are just located along the entire Mediterranean coast in southern Turkey. There are a lot of resorts, ranging from Istanbul itself, hotels on the Aegean Sea (Bodrum), Antalya, Marmaris, Side, Belek, Alanya - ending with famous ski slopes, there is a rest for everyone.

Russians are especially popular cheap hotels in istanbul in the all-inclusive mode, with free use of the hotel infrastructure. As a rule, in such hotels food is served in the form of a buffet, the choice of dishes is huge. By purchasing a ticket to Turkey, you can absolutely accurately calculate your budget and not worry about anything else, but think only about rest.

One of the most popular resorts is the city of Istanbul. A city located at the crossroads of two continents, Europe and Asia, and connecting the waters of the Black and Marmara Seas. During the entire era of its existence, Istanbul has been the capital of three empires, changed not a single religion - all this is reflected in the architecture of the city and the mentality of its people.

Istanbul is truly a museum city, where modern buildings are combined with ancient buildings of that time. The sights of the city are numerous monuments of architecture. In the museums you can see the sarcophagus of Alexander the Great, archaeological finds of the Assyrian, Sumerian, Babylonian civilizations. Despite the huge number of mosques, it is worth paying attention to Christian monuments: Hagia Sophia, built by Emperor Constantine in the 4th century, an engineering miracle of those times; Church of St. Irene (IV century), built by Constantine the Great; Church of the Holy Savior (XI century), the main treasure of which is mosaics and frescoes, which must be viewed in the right direction, without violating the plot of the picture.

Inexpensive hotels in Istanbul and other delights In modern Istanbul, special attention can be paid to nightclubs, some of which are provided by inexpensive hotels in Istanbul. There are a lot of them here, but on average these establishments live no more than a year, constantly changing their location and name. Concerts in clubs start quite late, and dance music is well past midnight. In many clubs, men are allowed in only if there is a companion with them, although such rules do not apply to tourists. Entrance is of course paid, but the cost of entry includes the cost of two drinks.

If inexpensive hotels in Istanbul do not suit you in terms of the range of shops and boutiques, then shopping in Istanbul will definitely attract the attention of women. The covered bazaar is one of the oldest bazaars in the world. There are 4000 shops here. Many of them sell antiques, furs at low prices.

Having visited the resorts of Turkey, you will definitely want to come back here.

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