Winter vacations: choose a destination

Winter vacations: choose a destination

Every year there are more and more new resorts. Enterprising natives are trying to promote their country, investing more and more money in their homeland and thereby luring tourists. Due to such abundance, to choose something appropriate for the traveler is becoming increasingly difficult, especially if the question arises: where to rest in the winter. Let's talk about the most popular winter destinations.

Egypt. The country stands out for its cheap beach vacations. The most popular beach destinations are Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. The price-quality ratio here will satisfy both European tourists and Russian travelers. Service is at a high level, and the local rates are not biting, but rather caressing. In addition, it is recommended to go to Egypt for lovers of diving. The Red Sea is famous throughout the world for a variety of marine fauna. As for dessert - it will be a traditional excursion to the famous pyramids.

Thailand - a country of eternal warmth. Here just a great holiday in the winter, and many seasoned tourists will confirm it. Tourism in Thailand has not slowed down for several years in a row. Especially popular here is a variety of entertainment. And of course, do not forget about the exotic flavor of the kingdom. Thailand offers exciting eco-tourism destinations, unforgettable beach vacation, as well as surfing and diving. The waves here will please even the experienced athletes.

Canary Islands are ideal for holidays in the winter. At this time of year it is warm and sunny, while not so hot, as, say, in Egypt. So those who can not stand the heat, must go to the Canary Islands. Here you can not only to lie in plenty of sunshine, but also to visit one of the popular excursions. They mainly provide an opportunity to admire the beautiful local scenery.

Winter vacations: choose a destination

UAE. For many Russian tourists, this state is still an unknown exotic. Meanwhile, vacation in the Emirates is a real ticket to a fairy tale. It is not only a great temperature all year round, including in winter. It is striking architecture, avant-garde and ancient; trade in the huge modern centers side by side with oriental markets, drawn as if from a fairy tale; an amazing juxtaposition of different cultures and peoples. And of course, the UAE - is traditionally high quality service, only in hotels, but also everywhere you go. True, it is worth knowing about some prohibitions in this country: smoking in public places, drinking alcoholic beverages - all you can do only in the hotel, otherwise you will be fined.

Cuba - The Cuban coast is all about colorful colors, azure seas, clear blue skies, and hot sand. Everyone knows about Cuban cigars, but don't forget to try delicious cocktails and rock out to the frenetic rhythm of salsa at the local party.

Goa - a very sought-after place for a winter vacation. People come here not only to get warm, but also to get great emotions: an outlandish language, unusual nature, excellent beaches, excellent service, surfing, diving, motley fauna and flora - all this exoticism will long remain in your memory, popping up in your head with colorful pictures. And then there is the famous nightlife island of Ibiza, where the music streams out of all the windows all day and night.

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