Jomtien Beach - An Overview of a Popular Pattaya Beach

Jomtien (Jomtien, Jomtien, Chom Tien) - the beach and the district of the same name in Pattaya. Located on the south side of the city, just 10-15 minutes drive from the center of Pattaya.

Due to its remoteness from the center, prices are lower and there is less noise, but the infrastructure is fully adapted to the needs of holidaymakers, and the natural conditions are beautiful. At every step you want to take a photo. In other words, Jomtien Beach is a great place for a long vacation in Thailand, especially with children.

Beach on the map of Pattaya

There are no places for diving, the entrance to the water is very gentle, at low tide in general you can go farther from the shore and splash around in the shallow water. So for children and anyone who can not swim - the place is great. If we talk about the beaches of Pattaya, then Jomtien - this is one of the cleanest beaches with clear water and shoreline. There are also many small cafes and restaurants, where you can eat quickly and inexpensively.

Sunbeds are inexpensive compared to other resorts in Pattaya - on the third line at 40 baht, on the second - 50, on the first - at 60 or a large 80 baht.

Keep in mind that, paying for a deck chair, you get a complete beach set - sun lounger, table, umbrella, coat rack. True, the safety of things no one guarantees, it is a personal concern of each. When the beach is full, it actually turns into a cafe by the sea, your order will be gladly brought directly to your deck chair and table.

The strip of beach is quite narrow, 15 meters, and the length - about 6 km. All this makes the beach Jomtien is an ideal place just for recreation in nature as such. In addition, there is no swimming area fenced with buoys, so you often have to wade through boats to get to the real water.

Nearby, along the beach, runs a highway, so it is convenient to get here, but the air is not particularly clean to expect. The water, as elsewhere in Pattaya, turbid, it is found and domestic plastic litter and organic. And sometimes you can meet and take pictures of shore inhabitants - starfish and urchins. At low tide you can see the silted bottom.

Jomtien beach

Central beach.

Every Wednesday there is a sanitation day, when not only the shore, but also the water is thoroughly cleaned. In general, the beach Jomtien is actually located within the city, in the vicinity of hotels, residences, highways, stores, etc. At the same time, by all accounts, the beach Jomtien is much cleaner than other beaches of Thailand.

Map of the beach infrastructure 

Map of Jomtien Beach

Northern part

In the north, the beach Jomtien passes into the area of South Pattaya, the map shows that Jomtien is completely inseparable from Pattaya. Here along the narrow strip of sand stretches a sidewalk, which is nice to walk at sunset or at night, when all around illuminated by city lights. The beach is not crowded with sun beds, there are sprawling trees, including palm trees, which serve as the perfect backdrop for vacation photos.

North Jomtien Beach

The northern part of the beach.

The only drawback is that the road is very close. At the same time, it also means close proximity to hotels, hostels and stores, which is a big plus. Locals love to come here on a free day.

South Side

On the south side of Jomtien itself quietly turns into Na Jomtien area. This is a favorite family vacation spot of Thais themselves. In recent years, there was a construction boom, and the housing is bought by residents who came from the capital of Thailand to rest here on weekends.

Central part

The central part of Jomtien offers a more active nightlife, here on Second Street are concentrated about 50 bars at once (not to get lost, it is better to determine the location of the area in advance on the map), they are called the New rompho bar complex. In the same area is concentrated most of the massage parlors, retail outlets, there are competitions in water sports and so on. Prices here are designed more for the local population than for tourists, so lower than in the entertainment areas of central Pattaya.

The pride of Jomtien and what it is appreciated by both local and foreign holidaymakers - green quiet places, which in Thailand are so beautiful. There are few bars and discos, plenty of parks and places to walk or picnic, life is quiet and measured. This is the best place to settle for the entire vacation in Thailand, and the entertainment centers are easily accessible by public transport for only 10 baht. This area is located around Eighth Street Jomtien, you can use a tourist map of Pattaya or GPS navigator to find it easily.


What else is good Jomtien, is the proximity of all amenities, including all kinds of stores. Most of the infrastructure of Jomtien is concentrated within 100-200 meters of the coastline. A large niche occupied by local small travel agencies that offer a large selection of excursions to attractions of Thailand, islands close to the shore, etc.

Jomtien beach

All amenities in Jomtien are located near the beach.

New experiences, positive emotions and great photos to remember you guaranteed. Large universal malls are few, but in some points you can buy clothes and shoes, beach products, souvenirs, a huge variety of food, especially worth a visit Jomtien night market.

Along the beach there are large chain stores like Family Mart, where you can buy and personal care products and food, next to them you will always find ATMs and exchange offices, pharmacies. On the Second Street is a store Jomtien Beauty, which offers a huge range of original Thai cosmetics and perfumes at very good prices. Several large hypermarkets are located at the intersection of Tepprazit Street and Sukhumvit.

How to get there

The nearest bus station is Thappraya Bus Station, located near the intersection of Thepprasit Road and Thappraya Road. Buses come here not only from Bangkok, but also directly from Thailand's main airport, Suvarnabhumi. From there it is 900 meters to the northern part of Jomtien.

From Bangkok airport to Pattaya from 7 am to 10 pm bus number 389, costs 134 baht (for comparison - a cab will cost at least 1000 baht) or bus from gate number 8 (on the first level of the airport) for 250 baht, but the cost includes transportation to the desired hotel in Pattaya.

From the center of Pattaya or from the south you can even walk to Jomtien by walking along the shoreline (from the center of Pattaya the beach is 3 km). From the northern part of Pattaya you can go from the bus station North Pattaya Road. At the bus station there are sunteo, which take to Jomtien area for a fixed price - 30 baht.

If you are vacationing in the center of Pattaya and going from there, the easiest way is to take a tuk-tuk. Their starting point is the intersection of South and Second Beach Streets, not far from the major street Walkin Street about 150 meters, the fare is 10 baht.


As for entertainment and attractions, Jomtien is known for its choice of beach "joys". And jet skis, and parachute, and banana, and water skis - it seems there is everything. A favorite tourist spot is the local water park with a cable car and Bungy Jump tower, where you jump with a rope.

Among the interesting entertainment complexes - Fishing park (paid fishing), Yacht club (walks on a yacht), and for fans of culture - an experimental theater called Thai Alangkarn Theater. Of attractions nearby are:

  • Nong Nuch Garden;
  • Floating Market;
  • Wat Yang and the Buddha Mountain;
  • Crocodile Farm;
  • Silver Lake Vineyard;
  • Dinosaur Park.


Jomtien in general stretches along the coast in a straight line, so there is a lot of accommodation for tourists near the beach. More high-rise hotels or condominiums, although there are also bungalows or cottages. Of the cheap options are gesthouses.

Many small hotels are not represented on the Internet, and it is difficult to book rooms in advance.

At the same time in such cheap hotels rooms can cost only about 400 baht per day. Here it is important to pay attention to whether the hotel is located on the beach side or across the street from it.

Jomtien Palm Beach&Resort Pattaya

Jomtien Palm Beach&Resort Pattaya

For example, in a large luxury hotel complex like Jomtien Palm Beach & Resort Pattaya single room in the high season can be rented for a minimum of $100 per night, and in the low from $47.

One of the most popular condominiums - Jomtien, offers rooms from 14.5 thousand baht to 22 thousand per month. If you book a room at once for a long period, longer than a month, you can get a discount. Studio apartment with a view of the Gulf of Thailand near the beach can be rented for a minimum of 6-7 thousand baht per month. But you need to add the costs of realtor's services, internet, cleaning, if you want to order it, etc. The total would be about 12-13 thousand baht.

If you are interested in hotels with one-story cottage-type building (bungalow houses), with lots of green space, look, for example, at Villa Navin, with rooms from 1000 baht per night, located on Jomtien Street, ie close to the sea.

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