Military beach in Pattaya - infrastructure, recreation and entertainment

Sai Kaew Beach, "Blue Lagoon" or "War Beach The beach is located in the Bang Saray area 20 kilometers south of Pattaya resort. The beach is located in the Bang Sarei area 20 kilometers south of the Pattaya resort.

Despite the fact that the military unit is active (it trains personnel for the Royal Navy), everyone can relax on the beach Sai Kaew Beach for only 100 baht.

Military beach in Pattaya became available to tourists in January 2003. Its length is about 500 meters and a width of about 30 meters. On three sides of Sai Kaew Beach are surrounded by hills, overgrown with tropical vegetation. They form a lagoon, protecting it from the monsoon winds.

And thanks to the clear sea water, the beach and got one of its names - "Blue Lagoon".

Sai Kaew Beach on the map

The entrance to the water from the shore is gentle. At low tide, the water can go away from the edge of the shore to 50 meters, forming small lakes. For children - free rein. Big waves are very rare here. The place for swimming is marked by buoys.

The sand on the beach is light gray, by the water - white, soft, with large shells.

On most of the beach area grows single palms and deciduous trees, forming shade. Bamboo gazebos also provide shelter from the scorching sun. If you want, you can rent a beach chair or a blanket (30 baht and 20 baht respectively).

There are small flowerbeds on the adjoining territory. There are swings on the trees. The beach is clean, neat, a group of cadets comes in the evening, collects trash, watering the flowerbeds and lawns.


Military Beach in Pattaya is attractive for couples with children and tourists tired of the noisy holiday in Pattaya, wishing to immerse themselves in the delights of semi-wild recreation. The panoramic view of the local scenery is not inferior to Phuket. And the purity of the sea water - also for many people an important factor, because the sea in Pattaya has long left much to be desired.

On weekends, the Blue Lagoon gets crowded - Thais come here as families for Week End, many have the traditional picnic, sitting in the shade of the shore trees.

Fans of active sports organize beach volleyball competitions.

You can also go water-skiing and water scooter, paying 1,500 baht for 30 minutes and 1,000 baht for 15 minutes. Those who like to ride a banana will pay 1200 baht for an hour and 600 baht for 30 minutes. And for 100 baht you can rent an inflatable mattress and swim on it.

For novice divers, the instructor will give the first diving lessons. But to dive, you have to move away from the central part of the beach, where the sea is deeper.

Those wishing privacy go to the right side of the beach, it is often visited by wild monkeys. It is better not to touch them and stay away, as many of them are unfriendly. Watch your belongings, sneaky thieves tend to steal them, primates are especially attracted to shiny objects.

Be careful! If you don't get what you want, a wild animal can bite you.


The military beach in Pattaya does not have a very developed infrastructure, which is natural, given its location. Behind a paved path that stretches along the entire beach, there are several small cafes, the price of food in them starts at 50 baht. There is also a restaurant on the beach.

It offers a delicious lunch for 100 baht and more. There is a wide variety of menus with different price ranges. For example, an exquisitely cooked shrimp will cost you 150 baht.

There is also on the beach and a small store with a variety of mats, mats and other small things. In open tents you can always buy water, ice cream, juices, souvenirs.

In the central part of the beach is a rental shop for beach and tourist equipment. There is a sufficient number of masks, fins, mattresses, laps, kayaks, jet skis and diving equipment.

After swimming you can take a shower in the equipped shower stalls. There are changing rooms next to them. In one of the tents you will be offered a Thai massage.

There are no bars, night entertainment venues. After 16.00 the beach is empty.


If you decide to stay on the beach overnight, it is worth knowing that the hotel, bungalow type, on the beach is one. There are 15 separate houses for one or two families (with two separate entrances). Bungalows are small boardwalks set up right on the beach.

accommodation on a military beach

Separate houses on the beach.

A room with a bed and fan will cost you from 700 baht. If conditions are a little better and the bungalow is closer to the shore, the price for a room - from 1000 baht per night.

How to get there

The drive from the center of Pattaya takes about half an hour (about 15 minutes to the military unit and the same to the beach itself) and depends on the traffic.

The easiest way to get to Sai Kaew Beach is to use the services of numerous travel agencies in Pattaya. You will be picked up from your hotel in the morning at the agreed time, you will rest on the beach until 4 pm, after which you will be taken back to the hotel.

Approximate prices: group minivan ride - about 350 baht, with lunch - about 650 baht, individual transfer - up to 800 baht. The price includes both the entrance fee to the beach and the round-trip transfer.

Route from Pattaya

It is necessary to have a document of identity - it is, of course, the beach, but also a military facility at the same time. The offered option is very convenient. First, you will be taken in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle. Secondly, you will not have to go into the intricacies of the passage to the protected area.

On the Taxi

You can order a cab by any means convenient for you or just catch it on the street. To the driver you say, "Sai Keo Beach" and arrange payment (not more than 500 baht). The cab will take you to the entrance of the military base. Here you will leave your document as a deposit: passport or driver's license.

You get a pass. Then you take a tuk-tuk and drive another 15 minutes to the beach.

At the last checkpoint they will check your pass and you will pay 100 baht to enter the beach.

On Songteo.

You need to get off at Sukhumvit Highway and stop a white sungteo heading south from Pattaya. Songteos of any other color do not pass the checkpoint. Be sure to tell the driver at the entrance: "Sai Keo Beach." Payment is made at the exit - 20 baht. And then as in the previous option.

On a rented vehicle

Take Sukhumvit Highway and head south to the Floating Market and Nong Nooch Garden. Another landmark: after passing the Ambassador Hotel, head in the direction of Bang Sarei Beach.

The Blue Lagoon military beach is two kilometers from Bang Sarei. After passing the water park, at the second traffic light turn right, soon you will see the checkpoint. Here you leave your document as a deposit, get an entry permit and continue to the second checkpoint. (To get a more accurate location, use a GPS navigator).

Then you pass a typical military town with the usual infrastructure and you find yourself at a fork in the road, following the signs go in the direction of the beach to the third checkpoint. Here you need to pay the entrance fee - 100 baht (for children - 50 baht, very young - free) and leave your vehicle in the free parking lot.

Then you take the free tuk-tuk and drive all the way to the beach.

You won't have to wait long - tuk-tuks run every 5-10 minutes until 6 p.m.

After 18:00 the beach is considered closed. Please note! Foot tourists are not allowed on the beach! There is an unspoken agreement between the unit commanders and travel agencies.

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