How to get to Pattaya - by plane, bus, train and cab

Pattaya is the most famous and popular resort in Thailand. It is not very difficult to reach it, as transport links are well developed here.

To determine how to get to Pattaya, it is worth knowing some specifics.

By air

Thirty kilometers south of Pattaya is the military-civilian international airport Utapao.

There is no regular direct air service between the airport and the CIS countries, the airport only accepts commercial passenger flights from a small number of destinations. To get to Pattaya by air tourists can either through neighboring Asian countries, or from the nearest Thai resorts: Phuket, Samui and Trat.

From Pattaya Airport to the city can be reached by airport bus, fare: 200 to 250 baht, depending on the distance traveled. Travel time is one hour.

You will be driven to the hotel itself, if you have already made your choice. On the way back to the airport, you can order a transfer by the same bus at any travel agency in Pattaya. You will be picked up at the hotel at the agreed time.

At the airport there is also a stop of public transport (bus, shuttle bus) and cab rank.

A cab from Outapao to central Pattaya will cost about 500 baht. Travel time is about 1 hour.

By bus

Most often tourists enter the kingdom through the country's main airport, Suvarnabhumi International Airport. If you do not have a tour of Bangkok scheduled, you can go directly from the airport to Pattaya. The distance to the resort is about 130 kilometers.

Route from Suvarnabhkmi

Go down to the first floor of the airport terminal to Gate 8, there are the counters of different car carriers. You should have the name of your desired destination written down. This will speed up the order and avoid confusion. Transfers are available by public transit and commercial vehicles, and there are also mini-buses and tour buses. Prices start at 200 baht.

Carefully study the routes and services provided.

There are transports that stop only at Sukhumvit Highway, you have to get to the hotel on your own. Some carriers only take passengers to Pattaya North Station. From there you will have to take the Bath Bus (20 baht) to the center.

And there are companies that will transfer you to a free minivan in Pattaya and take you to your hotel. Some routes go as far as Jomtien (South Pattaya).

The most famous carriers:

Airport Pattaya Bus, price 134 baht. The journey time is about two hours, the buses run from 7.00 to 22.00 at one hour intervals.

For example, bus number 389 (blue) departs from gate 8 at Suvarnabhumi Airport and goes to Thappraya Road in Jomtien (South Pattaya), but upon request, makes stops in North Pattaya and Central Pattaya on Sukhumvit Road. Note that the last two buses arrive at Pattaya North Bus Station.

Bell Travel Service buses, price about 250 baht. Departure times from Suvarnabhumi: 8:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00. Bell Travel Service takes passengers to the hotel.

Bell Travel Service recommends that tourists pre-book tickets on their website. And, in case your flight is delayed, it guarantees that you will leave on the next bus flight.

It is worth noting that some buses depart from the parking lot located at the Suvarnabhumi Airport exit, while others are based at the Public Transportation Center. This is the Public Transportation Center located near the airport. You can get there on a free shuttle bus that departs from the arrivals and departures areas.


If you arrive in Bangkok at night, you must take a cab to Pattaya. Otherwise, you will spend the night in nearby hotels or on airport benches.

A cab from Suvarnabhumi to Pattaya will cost you from 1300.

You can order a cab at the Public Taxi counter in the arrivals area. When hailing a cab on your own, do not forget to negotiate payment. Either by the meter or a fixed rate, and be sure to specify the additional fare for travel on toll roads.


If you prefer a comfortable trip, use the service of ordering a transfer online. You will have the opportunity to specify the capacity of transport and its class. You will be met at the airport. Look carefully, the driver will be holding a plate with your name on it. He will pick up your things, put them in the car and take to the specified address.

If you have already booked a hotel, you can order a transfer by informing them in advance about the flight number and time of arrival. The price will be approximately the same as at the Public Taxi counter.

By train

If you want to go to Pattaya by train, you should go to the train station of Bangkok - Hua Lamphong. It is located next to the underground metro station of Bangkok MRT - Hua Lamphong. The train departs from the capital at 6.55 and arrives in Pattaya at 10:35 at the station next to the Siam Country Club on the north side of Sukhumvit Road.

In Pattaya, the train makes one more stop at Pattaya Tai Train Station.

Both stations are located a considerable distance from the city. To get to the center, use motorcycle cabs, cabs, or public shuttles waiting for the train to arrive. Travel time is more than three hours. The fare is 80 baht. The train is not air-conditioned and runs only on weekdays.

The train leaves Pattaya at 2:21 pm and arrives in Bangkok at 6:25 pm. Ticket sales open 30 minutes before the train's departure. If you get on the train at Pattaya Tai Train Station, do not look for the ticket office, there is none. Pay the fare on the train as it passes. And during the three-hour journey you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the host country and its people.

From other parts of Thailand

Sometimes tourists fly to Thailand by low-cost airlines via neighboring countries and arrive at the capital's Don Muang Airport. There is no bus service to Pattaya. Therefore, it is easier to take a cab using the same algorithm as at Suvarnabhumi Airport. The price will be slightly higher.

You can get to Suvarnabhumi Airport first, and from there you can get to Pattaya by the methods described above. There are free shuttle buses between the airports. From Don Muang they leave from the arrivals area, and at Suvarnabhumi they arrive at the departures area. The travel time is 40 minutes.

You can take bus number 554 and 555, the trip will cost you from 34 to 50 baht.

Another option is to take a bus from the nearest bus station in Bangkok, Moh Chit Bus Terminal (North Bus Station). You can get to the bus station by a special bus A1, which leaves from gate 6 of Don Muang Air Terminal. The fare is 30 baht.

It is worth knowing that the bus service in Thailand is well developed. It is buses are most often used by tourists to get to Pattaya from other resort areas, such as Phuket.

Tour buses and minibuses of various travel agencies run between the many resort centers. Tickets for them can be purchased at the hotel and travel agencies (about 400 baht). They pick up customers from hotels and deliver them on request.

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