Districts of Pattaya - features of recreation and accommodation

Pattaya is one of the most popular and developed resort areas of Thailand. It is located in the southeast of the kingdom in Chomburi province. Its coastline is less than 30 km.

It is worth knowing that tourist Pattaya is considered a fairly compact area, located within the Beach Street and Volkin Street. The resort is considered versatile, as suitable for a quiet family vacation with children, and for fans of wild nightlife, lovers of outdoor activities and sex tourism.

The resort area is divided into several inner districts.

Pattaya districts do not have clear territorial boundaries. But vacationers should be aware of the features of each of them in order to qualitatively organize your vacation.

Pattaya districts on the map

Pattaya area map

North Pattaya

The area is located north of North Pattaya Street and includes the Wongamat neighborhood and Wongamat Beach, which is considered the best beach in Pattaya. North Pattaya is characterized by a large number of expensive luxury hotels.

This contributes to the development of infrastructure and cleanliness of the beach area.

All the entertainment venues and major shopping centers of North Pattaya are located near North Street. This part of the city is also famous for a large number of car dealerships.

Naklua District

It is a quiet and peaceful place in the north of Pattaya, one of the popular tourist areas of the city. It is about 10 kilometers long. Sometimes Naklua is included in North Pattaya.

Here there are several beaches at the service of vacationers. The most famous of them is Wong Phra Chan, which is about one kilometer long. It is considered an ideal place for a secluded vacation. And thanks to the nearby comfortable hotels, has a developed adjacent infrastructure and well-groomed beach area.


North Pattaya (Naklua) is considered one of the most prestigious areas of the city.

Palm Beach is a small quiet beach with clear sea water and nice soft sand. There are no palm trees hanging over the water as usual in Thailand, but nearby there is a popular tourist shady park, laid out right on the coast.

The entire coastline Naklua built hotels, which contributes to the protection of the beach area from the noise of the city. There are many hotels for all tastes. Naklua is a favorite destination for those who want to vacation on a budget. Economical tourists can rent a room in a condominium or gesthouse for only 400-600 baht per day. It will be equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, shower.

And lovers of comfortable recreation will find in the north of Pattaya hotels in a higher price category. They offer vacationers the services of restaurants and various bars. Here are also located spa complexes, massage parlors, indoor and outdoor pools with sea and fresh water.

In this area of northern Pattaya you can find everything you need to meet the needs of vacationers. Here you will find a variety of catering facilities: from cheap street macashnikas, inexpensive cafes to restaurants, with both Thai and European cuisine. Numerous bars, including night bars.

In addition, here you will find fish and fruit markets, stores 7/11.

There are no big supermarkets in Naklua, but they can be reached by local tuk-tuk in just 20 minutes in the nearby Central district. On North Street there is a Tesco Lotus and Best Supermarket, where you can buy more conventional goods and alcohol.

In the north of Pattaya you can take advantage of the services provided by numerous offices of airlines and travel agencies. Branches and branches of banks, ATMs, currency exchange offices are available in sufficient quantity.

On any street is at your service motorcycle rentals, autos and a variety of salons.

Nightlife lovers will also find something to do. In the southern part of Naklua, which adjoins Central Pattaya, there is a complex of beer bars. With the first twilight, Naklua Street itself comes alive with lots of nightlife and entertainment venues.

Of the attractions in the north of Pattaya, stand out:

  1. Orthodox Temple and spiritual complex Temple of Truth;
  2. The famous Fairtex professional sports complex.

Central Pattaya

Central Pattaya is the most fun, crowded and noisy area of the city. To the north and south it is bounded by North Pattaya Street and South Pattaya Street respectively. Here is the main promenade of the city and the Beach road, a popular tourist destination.

Pattaya Beach is the largest beach of the resort, about 4 km in length, spread out on the main bay. For lovers of outdoor activities there are all conditions.

The sea water here is not very clean, so fans of swimming and diving go to the neighboring islands, located nearby. The beach area is busy around the clock. During the day it is all crowded with beach beds, and in the evening the pedestrian walkway along Beach Street is filled with strolling tourists.

Central Pattaya is where most of the entertainment venues are concentrated. They constantly hold a variety of festive and revelatory events: fireworks festival, bed races, loi krathong and many others. Nightclubs and fiery discos also offer interesting programs.

You will find many massage parlors in the area, offering services for all tastes. Also a huge selection of stores and the biggest shopping center of the resort - Central Festival.

Next to the Pattaya Marriott Hotel is the Royal Garden Plaza, a popular shopping mall. Its trademark is the red airplane that crashed into the mall.

airplane at the mall

A calling card of the district.

The Royal Garden is a four-story building with many stores, boutiques, cafes, eateries, its own restaurant courtyard, hairdressers and a museum-cum-museum with all sorts of attractions.

The streets of Central Pattaya are lined with souvenir shops and fashion boutiques. The streets of Central Pattaya are lined with souvenir shops and fashion boutiques, and the largest is the night market on Second Road.

In this part of town are most of the resort hotels in different price categories.

When choosing lodging, pay attention to the location of entertainment venues, many of them operate 24 hours a day. For fans of clubs, discos, regardless of the time of day, it is worth giving preference to hotels in Pattaya Beach, Volkin Street, Beach road and the adjacent side streets.

Pattaya neighborhoods are convenient and its transport accessibility. In just 10 minutes and 10 baht you can get to any part of the city.

South Pattaya

The area is located between Central Pattaya and Jomtien, its northern part starts from South Street. Through South Pattaya passes and one of the main roads of the city - the Tarpraya, next to the highway Sukhumvit. Tourists here are less than in other areas, it is considered a transit area, it affects the lack of direct access to the sea.


Central entrance on Volkin Street.

It is in this area that the South Bus Station, the Bali Hai Pier, the go-kart track, and the Big C supermarket are located.

Here is also the famous Walking Street. After 6 p.m., the one-kilometer street becomes pedestrian, and a variety of entertainment venues open.

In South Pattaya there are many hotels, both expensive and budget. There are establishments with hourly pay, for all budgets.

Pratamnak District

The area is named after the highest point of the Pattaya resort, Pratamnak Hill, located south of the famous Bali Hai Pier. Pratamnak Beach is also located here.

On the beach you will find a sufficient number of umbrellas, folding beach chairs, sun loungers. And the ubiquitous vendors will offer you to buy a variety of food, souvenirs, beachwear.

Pratamnak has a developed infrastructure. There is a carting center, golf club, water park, a lot of attractions. There are many viewing platforms, a city radio station, a large city park with exotic plants, a famous statue of Buddha sitting on a hill.

This is a prestigious area, sometimes Pratamnak is called the local Beverly Hills. The residence of the Princess of Thailand is located here, and the whole coast is built up with expensive hotels. For example, the Pattaya Park Hotel, with its own water park and the highest tower in the city.

Tourists enjoy bungee jumping down from it. Interesting attractions for children and the proximity of a clean beach contribute to the popularity of this resort for family holidays with children.

There are a lot of condominiums in the area, but prices are a little higher than in areas north of Pattaya. Pratamnak is also famous for its "Russian Village," which is inhabited by visitors from the CIS countries.

Jomtien district

It got its name from the name of the village and the local beach, around which the current neighborhood was formed. Fairly long and clean beach Jomtien, stretching for more than 6 km, is a popular place for recreation, both among tourists and locals. It is conventionally divided into zones more suitable for family holidays with children and active or noisy youth recreation.

Mass events are constantly organized here:

  1. Beach soccer and volleyball competitions;
  2. Windsurfing tournaments.

Hire a chair on the beach will cost you from 40 baht per day. There are also separate areas where you can sunbathe lying on the sand. One of the services offered is the opportunity to admire the sunset.

In the northern part of the area is a large night market, Jomtien, traders which are quite tolerant to understand Russian, affected by the large number of Russian-speaking tourists. Next to the market you will find a hypermarket Tesco Lotus and a brand store Outlet Mall.

There are no big shopping malls here. For shopping you have to go to the nearby area (only 10 baht). On the nearby Sukhumvit Highway you will find a variety of stores, including the country's largest chain of Duty Free stores - "King Power", hypermarkets, car dealerships.

It is also home to many restaurants, including the world-famous McDonalds.

In Jomtien is the office of the migration services, where you can extend the visa. Here and the famous massage parlors, which employ people with impaired vision, it is believed that they have more sensitive hands. The area is famous for the largest bar complex in all of Pattaya New Rompho Bar Complex, which includes about 50 establishments of various directions.

In recent years in Jomtien intensively built hotels. The most famous of them is the Ambassador, which is where the Pattaya webcam broadcasts online. Those wishing to find a budget accommodation in condominiums: rooms with private bathroom, refrigerator, TV and air conditioning here can be rented for 400-500 baht per day.

Such housing, rented for a month, will cost you 5000 - 7000 baht.

Those who like a quiet holiday rent accommodation in the so-called "quiet" part of Jomtien, which stretches from Eighth Street to the hotel Sigma Orchid Resort. This area is built up with condominiums, hotel complexes, individual bungalows.

There are many swimming pools, exotic parks. And on the seashore are famous all over Pattaya seafood restaurants. The resort area is well organized local public transportation, which makes other areas of Pattaya accessible.

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