Alkazar show transvestites in Pattaya

Alkazar show transvestites in Pattaya

The Alcazar Show is a famous tourist attraction in Pattaya. It is fun, colorful, bright and loud. Pyrotechnics and light effects are used. You will be shown historical sketches and modern phantasmagoric plots. Impressive costumes, dynamic content, and the ethnographic element of the performance arouse the interest of both children and adults.

Alcazar - cabaret, performance and historical reconstruction

The organizers of the show officially define its genre as "cabaret. This corresponds to reality in terms of excessive adornment of clothes or, on the contrary, nakedness of significant parts of the body (because cabaret is basically a male entertainment with an erotic bias), dynamism and an essential role of the dance component. But there is no cancan dancing on the Alcázar stage. It would be more correct to say that the main performance in Pattaya has taken the form from the cabaret, filling it with eclectic content.

In 70 minutes the audience will be shown 17 costumed performances, in which elements of the reconstruction of events in the history of Thailand and neighboring countries of Southeast Asia and national dances are interwoven. Each of the episodes is devoted to a different theme, including:

  • four legends of the kingdom of Siam (Rattanakosin);
  • chinese flower theme;
  • acquaintance with Vietnam;
  • Persian dances;
  • contemporary subjects.

Thus, the ethnographic element plays a key role in the show. This attracts not only lovers of easy entertainment, but also those who are interested in the cognitive component of the show. It is worth noting that the Alcazar show has a competitor - the Tiffany show.

Especially for Russian tourists, who traditionally make up a significant part of vacationers in Pattaya, a separate performance is dedicated to the Russian theme. It is shown against the backdrop of a set that replicates Vasilievsky Cathedral in Moscow.

Only men take part in the show. The female roles are played by transvestites. But who would be surprised by that these days? Especially in Thailand.

Where and when

There are four performances every evening at the Alcázar Theater. The first starts at 17.00. And then every 1.5 hours thereafter.

The auditorium consists of the parterre and the mezzanine. The capacity of the hall is up to 1200 people. There are 12 rows in the stalls. Seats in the first 7 rows are more expensive than the others. In the mezzanine there are 6 rows. The cost of the ticket for the mezzanine is similar to the standard parterre from 500 Baht ($14), VIP 700 Baht ($20). Thais can visit the institution for 250 baht ($7).

The Alcazar Theatre is located in Pattaya on Pattaya 2nd Road, 78/14. The telephone number for inquiries is +66 (0) 81 7811703.

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