How much money to take in Pattaya - prices and budget calculation

How much money to take in Pattaya - prices and budget calculation

The financial side of the issue is one of the most important when the decision is made and tickets to Thailand are bought. You have decided on the resort of Pattaya, but the question arises: "How much money to take to Pattaya?

It is worth starting with the obvious phrase that the budget of a trip to Pattaya depends on your "appetite".

So, Pattaya is a little cheaper compared to the resorts of Thailand: Phuket, Krabi, Samui, etc. The budget for the trip does not take into account the cost of tickets and hotel accommodation.


About their own food in Pattaya should be taken care of in advance - a sense of hunger should not overshadow your stay here. If you booked a hotel room with three meals a day, this point of expenditure will be significantly reduced. But usually recreational facilities in Thailand offer tourists only breakfast - lunch and dinner will have to buy their own.

Pattaya food

A visit to a cafe will cost 200 baht, but a delicious dinner in a restaurant will cost at least 1,000 baht. The average price of a cup of coffee is 60 baht. To visit restaurants and bars, one person needs 4000 baht for a week. This amount is enough.

Thrifty guests are advised to visit the night markets, where they serve delicacies at a very attractive price, for 200-300 baht you can eat enough. Very cheap food in street cafes, where you can have a hearty snack for only 100-150 baht. Even cheaper street food - macashnickas.

In shopping malls, you can buy food much cheaper, or eat in food courts, for two from 250 baht, and for example in the Central Festival for 500-600 baht, you can eat three times, if of course be more economical and take 1-2 dishes.

Once in Pattaya, you can bravely load up on exotic fruits, they are sold for next to nothing. Just do not buy food on the beach, they sell what is left over from yesterday. Well, if you are undemanding, and you agree to cook your own food at home, in case you rented an apartment, it will be enough from 1500 baht per month, depending on your appetite.


It is unlikely that you will be able to determine the exact cost of sightseeing from home. So it is unknown what will attract you and what you will want to see. But when choosing a tour guide, do not limit yourself to choose Russian-speaking companies, apply to the Thai companies, the advantage of which is both price and service.


The guides are local people, they know every corner, but they also tell entertaining stories, but in broken English. And it's even cheaper not to resort to travel agencies, but to visit the sights and various shows on your own.

On average, one tourist arriving in Pattaya spends about 9000 baht. For this money you can arrange at least seven excursions.

One of our favorite trips, a trip to Bangkok, will cost 2,000 baht. Excursion to the River Kwai with overnight stay 1,500-2,000 baht. On the island of Ko Lan to swim this calculation: 60 baht ferry back and forth, beds 50 baht, lunch - from 150 baht

Entertainment and shopping

What trip is not without a walk in the stores. In Pattaya, you can buy not only souvenirs, so have extra money, who knows what you like. Here they sell cheap and high quality clothes, shoes, stylish accessories and modern appliances.

Entertainment in Pattaya

To save money on purchases, be sure to bargain, sellers often inflate the original price, and then discount it by two or even three times.

For fashionistas there is the famous Mike Shopping Mall with a wide range of goods. Yes, Central Festival is a great place to pick up name-brands.

Visit massage parlors, beauty studios, karaoke and nightclubs in Pattaya for a small fee. Admission to all discos in Pattaya is free, but there is a but. You must order something at the bar. This can be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. To visit the legendary Room of Fear in the Royal Garden Plaza you have to pay 1200 baht for all attractions.

Beach Road is still quite an expensive place. Prices here are dictated by the large number of tourists. Freshly squeezed juice costs from 30 baht a bottle. For a foot massage are asked from 200 baht. It is also worth noting that in Pattaya is enough free entertainment. You can do without going to places like drag shows, or spend money in the bars of Wolkin Street, and so on.


Some part of your budget will certainly include transportation costs. A tuk-tuk ride costs from 10 baht depending on the distance, and a cab ride will cost at least 200 baht.


For those who are not cowardly, there are plenty of motorcycle cabs, with a breeze, and twice the price of a regular cab.


For a week's rest is enough 500-600 baht, if you travel by public transport.

Card or cash

Going to Pattaya, you should not forget about the security of your funds. Your money will be well protected on the card. So, even in the case of robbery, you will be able to call the bank and block the card. And the crooks without knowing the pin code will not get the money. Another thing is that it is better to have two cards stored in different places for better security.

bank card

This way you will not only protect your finances from the encroachment of others, but also will not be left without money when the card is blocked. When withdrawing cash, visit a bank - on the street to withdraw money is not safe, and even ATM takes an additional fee (from 1% and above), limiting the limit. Thai ATMs charge a fixed amount of 180 baht, taking into account that you can withdraw a maximum of 20,000 baht at a time.

If saving money is your first priority, bring cash in dollars. The exchange rate in Pattaya is quite favorable (the current rate in October 2015 1 USD - 35.15 THB), you will save the commission charged by the bank when withdrawing money from the card. This method is considered convenient, but remember, do not change more than the amount you are willing to part with today.

It is desirable not to leave money in the hotel safe at the reception - often here they are stolen from gullible tourists. Unscrupulous hotel staff is not ungrateful, especially if the tourist is a fan of "nightlife". Try to choose the hotel more carefully, looking for all possible reviews on the presence of similar cases. In general, theft from safes - is the subject of a separate article, relevant to both Asian countries and Europe.

What money to take

The most advantageous option is dollars. And in Thailand, a peculiar exchange rate. The banknotes with the face-value of 1-2 dollars can be exchanged at the rate of 1:33-33,5, for example the face-value of 5-20 dollars is 1:34-34,2, but the exchange of 50 and 100-dollar bills is carried out at the rate of 1:35,1-35,2 (the rate is to be specified). Thus, it is more profitable to exchange large bills.

The best option is dollars and euros.

Where to make a good exchange

In Pattaya, currency exchange is possible on every corner. The algorithm is approximately as follows. Go around the nearest exchange offices and choose the one with the most favorable exchange rate.


You can also exchange dollars for baht at branches of Thai banks. With the most favorable exchange rates are usually: Kasikorn Bank, Krungsri Bank, Bangkok Bank, TMB Bank and others. Branches of all these banks are located in Central Festival on the 4th floor.

Average reference prices

Cost of food:

  • On the street it's 40 baht;
  • At the economy restaurant or cafe - 200 baht;
  • In the hypermarket canteen - 80 baht;
  • At the specialty restaurant it's 1,000 baht;
  • In a fast food cafe - 70 baht.

Buying water and alcohol:

  • Drinking water is 10 baht per liter;
  • Chang beer - 35 baht;
  • Juice - 15 baht.

Cellular communication:

  • Calls to CIS countries - 4 baht per minute;
  • Local calls are 1 baht per minute;
  • Buying a SIM card is 50 baht.

Entertainment and recreation:

  • Excursion to the islands - 1000 baht;
  • The elephant ride is 800 baht per hour;
  • Sea parachute - 700 baht;
  • Water motorcycle - 1200 baht;
  • ATV - 600 baht .

Buying groceries in a hypermarket:

  • Water is 9 baht for 2 liters;
  • Grilled chicken - 80 baht;
  • Beef - 80 baht;
  • Pork - 100 baht;
  • Tomatoes - 22 baht;
  • Pineapples - 40 baht;
  • Juice is 50 baht;
  • Chips - 15 baht;
  • Milk (1 liter) - 40 baht;
  • Fruit - 20 baht.

Bottom line: one person should count on at least 20,000 baht - the average amount (not including accommodation and tickets) to make the vacation memorable and successful, and the maximum depends only on your needs. This amount can be used for food, tours, entertainment, and various budgetary purchases.

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