Food and eating in Pattaya - restaurants, cafes and bars

Food and eating in Pattaya - restaurants, cafes and bars

Few of us cook our own food on vacation. First of all, it is not always possible to do this. Secondly, the catering industry today is so developed that it is able to meet the wishes of any complexity, including those vacationers who follow certain dietary prescriptions, for example, do not eat meat or fried food.

Food in Pattaya is not a problem at all: from the thousands of food outlets placed directly on the streets and markets, to the hundreds of excellent restaurants and an almost endless number of cafes and bars.

Pattaya Restaurants

Thailand is a country of a mix of cultures, which is reflected in the catering industry. The cuisine is varied, but in the tourist areas, which include Pattaya, Western and Thai proper dominate. Within the former you can find restaurants that specialize, for example, exclusively in French or Italian cuisine.

Pattaya food

However, in most cases, restaurants offer an "average" menu that can be described as "European". Let's look at some restaurants in Pattaya that are universally recognized as worthy of attention.


According to reviews, this is one of the best places in Pattaya. The Royal Grill Room & Wine Cellar restaurant is quite large, located at the Royal Cliff Hotel. Subdued lighting, lack of fuss gives the institution a noble seriousness, fully justifying its name. Excellent grilled meat dishes are cooked in the kitchen. In the wine cellar you can find something worthy and unusual.

If you are going to visit a restaurant, think about your appearance. There is a dress code. The price is commensurate with the choice, quality and service providedFor example, dinner costs from $30 for 3 courses, but it's worth it.


  • Open: 18:30-22:30.
  • Address: 353 Phratamnak Road.

The Glass House

The best restaurants in Pattaya are, of course, on Jomtien. Light and casual, with a predominance of glass in the design, with a neo-colonial style interior - all this creates a unique atmosphere The Glass House. The restaurant is located right by the sea. There are tables under the canopy, there are directly on the sand. There are more than 170 dishes on the menu: homemade pastries, rolls, cocktails, wines and juices, national Thai dishes and international. Most are seafood, which is what the restaurant is famous for.

The prices are a little higher than average. For example: fried sea bass in sweet sauce, lobster with garlic and sea bass fillet with black pepper from $6 to $12 per dish. Lunch for two with cocktails costs an average of $40.

If there is no rain, you can sit on the terrace in the shade of trees or umbrellas. The restaurant is open during the day, which allows you not only to have dinner, but also lunch and, if you want, even breakfast. The only thing is that you should reserve a table in advance if you want to watch the sunset and wear pants, not shorts/skirts, because there are midges.

glass house

  • Open: 11:00-24:00.
  • The address is: 5/22 Moo 2 (opposite Alangkarn Theatre).


Another famous restaurant in Jomtien is Bruno's Restaurant & Lounge Bar. American-cooked oysters, French foie gras, Australian beef, Italian ham, the best Thai vegetables and a wide range of drinks. In addition, Bruno's is cozy and pleasant to be at.

The service is also top-notch. But not cheap. The price of dinner for two starts from $100. For weekends and holidays you should book tables in advance.


  • Open: с 12:00
  • Address: 306/63 Thappraya Road.


The Radius restaurant at the Cape Dara Hotel has a stunning view of the bay, especially in the evening when the sun goes down into the sea. The interior gravitates toward modern minimalism. The cuisine is varied: both fans of sushi and lasagna and pizza will find something tasty here.

Radius is open from early morning, which distinguishes it from most establishments in Pattaya, whose restaurants try to meet high standards. Average bill for two people from $40.


  • Open: 06:00-24:00.
  • Address: Naklua Road Soi 20.


The restaurant offers an eclectic cuisine with a predominance of Oriental and Mediterranean elements. Japanese sushi, Italian pizza, Indian curry - all this can be paired with a good wine selected from over 100 items from all over the world - check out the menu. The institution is suitable for visiting a large company: there is enough space for everyone.  Prices are quite high, but if you want to spend a beautiful evening - you're here.

For example, an order for $100:

  • Oysters-4 pcs;
  • Leg of lamb-1 piece;
  • Cucumber rolls- 1 serving;
  • Rolls with Peking duck-1 serving;
  • Chilean Wine - 5 glasses.

Every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., there is a Sunday brunch for those who like to eat a lot of food. You pay $57 per person and eat as much as you like. Alcohol is charged separately!

Dress code for attendance. No shorts, no shirts, no sandals. On Sunday brunch, the dress code is relaxed.


  • Open: 17:00-01:00.
  • Address: 240 Pattaya Beach Road - Amari Ocean Hotel.

Cafe in Pattaya

If you are not ready to spend a couple of dozen dollars for lunch or dinner and at the same time street food does not seem to you the right way to eat, then you will be useful numerous cafes in Pattaya. They are all very different. There are those where you can eat borscht or dumplings. Most of them are traditional Thai with tom yam, rolls and rice with meat and vegetables.

cafe in Pattaya

It's no problem to find a café: go to any café. Well, if you want okroshka with stuffed cabbage rolls, look for Slavic letters.

The cost of popular dishes in the cafe

Meat dish with pasta$1,4
Chicken and noodle soup$1,3
Rice with shrimp$1,4
Tom Yum Soup$1,8
Papaya salad with crab$1,9
Dumplings with potatoes$3,8
Pancake with fillings$1,4

Bars in Pattaya

What is known in tourist Thailand as a bar includes a wide range of establishments with a drinking and entertainment focus. These include open-air street beer bars, large "sports bar" establishments with large panels broadcasting sports events, and entire "go-go" complexes with live music, which are more like clubs.

Pattaya's bars provide more than just a drink and a bite to eat. In most of them you can eat a full meal. In this case, the quality of food served will be quite decent, and the price is adequate. The bar industry is a good alternative to expensive restaurants, especially for those visitors for whom table service and level of service are not a priority.

Despite the fact that Pattaya is replete with catering establishments, some bars can be highlighted. These are, for example:

  • Rum Dum Bar, Scoobys Bar, Jade House in Jomtien;
  • Abbes Bar, Pattaya Beer Garden, Rolling Stone on Walking Street;
  • Lovely Corner, Cherry Bar Too, The Blue Lagoon on Beach Road;
  • Barracuda Bar on Naklua Road;
  • Bamboo Bar, Dao Bar, Black Pearl in East Pattaya.

Going on vacation in the resort of Pattaya, you can not worry about what kind of food will accompany you on vacation. Good restaurants, cafes and bars in Pattaya is much more than can fit in one article, but we have indicated those that we consider the best. You are sure to find a delicious place, which later will be recommended to your friends and acquaintances.

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