Pattaya Memorial Hospital

Pattaya Memorial Hospital

Pattaya Memorial Hospital is one of the four hospitals in the city. This hospital - private - is similar to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital and Pattaya International Hospital.

The memorial hospital is known among tourists, in particular Russian speakers, because. insurance companies work closely with him, sending sick tourists here.

Pattaya Hospital

Memorial Hospital in Pattaya is a well-equipped clinic with its own inpatient facility. The hospital is a well-equipped clinic with its own inpatient facility:

  • dentist;
  • ENT;
  • ophthalmologist;
  • gastroenterologist;
  • cardiologist;
  • surgeon;
  • dermatologist;
  • gynecologist;
  • urologist;
  • orthopedist.

On the basis of the hospital function:

  • intensive care unit;
  • emergency department;
  • Children's hospital for newborns.

The clinic provides services for pregnancy and childbirth.

Cost of services

Private healthcare in Thailand is expensive. The Pattaya Clinic is no exception. If in the municipal clinic of Banglamour the initial admission of a foreigner, basic tests and pills will cost $15-$30, then in the memorial hospital it will be $70-$100. If the patient's condition requires a more serious examination (ultrasound, radiography, blood test, etc.) or treatment in a day hospital (droppers, injections), then the amount will increase to $500 per day and more.


Another example: a full hospital in Banglamour will cost from $60 per day, in a memorial hospital - at least $700. At the same time, in both clinics, a separate ward is allocated to a paid patient.

The cost of the operation is several thousand dollars.

The advantage of a private clinic is the absence of queues and, in general, a more pleasant atmosphere, fresh renovation, and the overall impression of cleanliness and order. All this is important for a medical institution, because. for example, you can often hear negative reviews from foreigners about Banglamour, regarding the general condition of the clinic and the external impression of some unsanitary conditions. Nevertheless, the quality of medical care at the Pattaya Memorial Hospital is no better or worse than that provided in a budget hospital.

Patient reviews

With all the multipolarity of reviews about the work of the memorial hospital in Pattaya, it should be noted that most people evaluate the treatment in this medical institution rather positively.

Among the advantages of the clinic are:

  • provision of an interpreter without unnecessary request and waiting;
  • availability of information inscriptions in Russian;
  • prompt reception by a subspecialty physician;
  • Providing basic emergency care before a subspecialty physician can be admitted;
  • attentive approach to the patient;
  • the possibility of an accompanying relative(s) to be placed in the hospital;
  • ambulance service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • emergency call for an ambulance.

Negative reviews about treatment at Pattaya Memorial Hospital are given by people who, in the absence of insurance, had to pay for medical services at their own expense. The main dissatisfaction of clients is the high cost of services, which most vacationers do not budget for.

Where is it

Pattaya Memorial Hospital is located in the heart of the city on Central Pattaya road, Moo 9, 328/1. The clinic is located not on the street itself, but in the depths of the block: on the corner

Central Pattaya road and Pattayasaisong Road (the second street from the coast, parallel to Beach Road). The area is touristy, the place is famous, very easy to find.

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