Weather in Pattaya in September, October and November

Weather in Pattaya in September, October and November

The weather in Pattaya with the onset of autumn is very predictable. In a nutshell, it is mostly sunny and rainy. But it's not prolonged rainfall, but brief, tropical downpours that end so quickly that in 10 minutes you won't even remember they were there.

The sea is warm and calm, the air temperature is comfortable, the sky is often covered with clouds (good for those who cannot stand the heat). September and October are the months that end the low season. Нoctober is the beginning of the high season. In general, low season means fewer people, no scorching sun, cheap prices for food and services in Thailand. Accommodation prices are low, which is certainly a good thing.

September weather

Many people believe that Pattaya in September is all rain. But this is not the case, rainy days can be up to 17-20, precipitation falls at night or in the evening. Downpours may last up to two hours, but in the morning everything dries up, so it won't cause you much inconvenience. The monthly precipitation in September is 220mm. Humidity rises to 81%.

Although there are very few sunny days in September in Pattaya, the thermometer during the day stays at +32°C and only on some days it can drop to +29°C. Overcast weather will not prevent you to get a long-awaited tan. And the clouds can't protect you from sunburn, so sun protection gear should be with you. The night temperature drops only a few degrees to +27°C.

Pattaya weather

Monsoons prevail in Thailand in the fall, but in September in Pattaya the wind speed is just over three meters per second. The sea water temperature is +29°C, the tide is decreasing, but the purity of the water leaves much to be desired.

Pattaya weather

Today, more and more of our compatriots go to Thailand in the fall. If high temperatures and high humidity are not an obstacle for you, the vacation in September in Pattaya promises to be comfortable for you.

Weather in October

October is the rainiest month in the region. The monthly precipitation rate is 240 mm. Most often it is showers with thunderstorms, but they take place at night and end quickly, not bringing discomfort to holidaymakers. The amount of precipitation contributes to the increase in humidity to 85-90%. By the end of the month there are fewer rainy days and the weather turns towards the dry season.

Daytime temperatures in Pattaya in October do not rise above +31°C, the average temperature in October is +28°C. The number of sunny days increases to 16-17, which means that the beach holiday in this autumn month will not suffer. At night it gets a little cooler +23°C ... +25°C, which also adds comfort to the night holiday.

The sea calms down, there are fewer waves, fewer tides. But heavy downpours make it murkier. The sea water temperature stays at +29°C.

In addition to relaxing by the water, tourists can visit the attractions of Pattaya. In the evening, it is better to be under the roof of a bar, restaurant, entertainment venue or hotel, as an umbrella will not be effective against the downpour. Prices for hotel rooms and services rise in the second half of the month, signaling the approach of the high tourist season in Thailand.

Weather in November

Pattaya in November is the first month of the dry season and the beginning of the high tourist season. The flow of tourists increases dramatically and prices creep up. It rains in November, of course, but the monthly norm is only 70 mm. It falls only at night and in the first half of the month. Towards the end of November, the weather becomes dry and windless. Humidity also decreases by the end of the month (at the beginning of November it is 76%).

Pattaya weather

The number of cloudless, sunny days also increases to 25 per month. The risk of sunburn increases dramatically. During the day the sun warms the air to +31°C, the average temperature this month is +27°C. The weather in Thailand is preparing for a local winter.

Pattaya weather

The sea is still warm +29°C and the water is getting cleaner - the impact of fewer showers and weaker monsoon winds. The night temperature drops to +23°C, which contributes to a more comfortable holiday. And given the fact that the sun goes down by 18:00, active nightlife lovers can enjoy the night repertoire on offer. November weather conditions are good for sightseeing and shopping.

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