Peculiarities of visiting the temple complex of Wat Yang in Pattaya

Peculiarities of visiting the temple complex of Wat Yang in Pattaya

Wat Yansangwararam is a temple complex and one of the largest functioning monasteries in Thailand. It is under the care and patronage of the royal family. The complex is located 30 km south of Pattaya, in the province of Changburi.

The area is 145 hectares, on which there are: about a dozen buildings and pavilions of religious orientation, mythical sculptures of creatures and images of the king. The architecture of the temples and galleries is striking in its variety of styles. Some of them are made in traditional Thai, others in Indian, Chinese and mixed styles, the architectural style of Singapore is also present.

For example, Wiharn Sien Palace in former times belonged to the Emperor of China, today it is a museum of history and life of the Celestial Empire.

The main temple of the Wat Yang complex, closed to tourists.

The palace is decorated with sculptures and paintings of the ancient Chinese epic: figures of gods, holy faces, huge lions carved from solid granite pieces, and images of Shaolin monks. There is an extensive exhibition of religious objects and the history of Chinese religious culture.

The main temple of Wat Yang

Small buildings with blue and yellow roofs are the homes of local monks. Here they study the teachings of Buddha and watch over the temple compound. In the morning, before the temple opens, you can see the monks performing certain ascetics. Female monks also live at the temple.

Stupa with relics

Stupa - a must-have attribute of the Buddhist wata holds the relics of the great and revered Buddha, in this Pattaya wata it is white in color. It is worth a visit to the gallery with wax figures.

There is a meditation center on the grounds of Wat Yang temple, where various seminars, lessons, and trainings of a religious nature are regularly held. The schedule of seminars is available from the administration of the complex.

Monks sculptures

There are two lakes on the territory of the temple complex. One of them is completely covered with blooming sacred lotus. On the shores of the second lake there are small pavilions, where you can devote yourself to reflection and meditation, to admire the fountains.

Near the lake is an improvised small market where you can buy turtles, birds, fish and then release them into the wild. This is one of the Thai traditions, giving freedom to an animal creature, the Thais free their lives from trouble and allow something good and new to enter their lives. You can buy food and feed it to the inhabitants of the lake to attract good luck in your affairs.

Wat Yang is popular with Chinese tourists and Thai families who come here for traditional picnics, walk through the shady exotic garden, admire the works of art of landscape designers. It's always quiet here, as if time slows down.

Time and cost of attendance

The temple complex is open daily from 8:00 to 16:00 and admission is free. But be aware of the clothing restrictions.

To visit places of worship, you must cover your shoulders, chest, arms, and knees. Remember also that women are forbidden to approach, communicate with, or touch the monks' robes. If you want to make an offering, pass it on through a man.

How to get there

The most convenient way to get as part of a tour. Pattaya travel agencies regularly organize group tours, prices 800-1000 baht (24-30$).

Pattaya public transportation to the temple complex is not available.

In addition to Wat Yang, a visit to the Mountain of the Golden Buddha is suggested. On the mountain, gold plates are lined with the image of the Buddha, which is about 160 meters high, staying in a meditative lotus pose.


The unusual image of the Guru was created for the 50th anniversary of the reign of King Rama IX. Next you are invited to visit the Chapel of the Buddha's footprint, the Mondop. It is built on a hill and is accessed by a high staircase of 300 steps.

There is an observation deck at the top, which offers beautiful panoramic views. It is also supposed to visit the tropical garden of Nong Nuch and the elephant village. But such excursions are not very popular with tourists vacationing in Pattaya, because the temple complex of Wat Yang is more suitable for unhurried, measured walks in silence. Cab or rented in Pattaya tuk-tuk (sngteo) is a more acceptable option.

Renting a car or a motorcycle is the most convenient way to get to the sightseeing complex. From Pattaya take the Sukhumvit Ring Road towards Sattahip, which is the opposite direction from Bangkok. Follow the many signs to get your bearings. You will pass the Floating Market, before you reach Nong Nooch, there is a sign for Wat Yansangwararam, 15 Km away from Pattaya. Here you need to turn off Sukhumvit and drive to the fork. The road to Wat Yang Temple goes straight ahead.


You can also take the train, getting off at Yanasangvaram station. Then, following the signs, you walk to the temple of Wat Yang.


Helpful hints

The best time to visit Wat Yang on your own is early morning: there is no influx of tourists and the ambient temperature is comfortable. When you get tired and hungry, you can visit a small restaurant located within the sightseeing complex. There are no other amenities or infrastructure in the surrounding area.

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