Jomtien Night Market - cooked food, fruit and cheap clothes

In Pattaya, there are several night markets are very popular with both locals and tourists. But a special atmosphere has a night market Jomtien, which will be discussed.

Actually, the market is not a night market in the literal sense - it is open from 17.00 to 23.00 (in fact, it is open until 2 am). This is the perfect time to soak up the atmosphere of the city at night, take your time strolling through the shopping aisles, buy souvenirs for your friends, and eat local food.

Market on a map of Pattaya

The night market is most interesting for its grocery department. Fresh fruits and vegetables at moderate (although not the lowest prices) can and should be bought here. They are of good quality and the choice is huge. Market on Jomtien could be called a full-fledged entertainment complex.

For adults - shopping and cafes, local color, authentic Thai cuisine, etc., and for children - rides and trampolines at the end of the market, and shopping in such a colorful place will surely interest them.

If your child is independent, you can leave him on the playground while you go to the market yourself.

Food in Jomtien

The best place to eat dinner is right there on the street or at one of the cafes, at an outside table near the stage. The night market serves the freshest local food, pizza, sushi and rolls, and many of the foods are grilled - chicken steaks, sausages, shrimp, squid, mushrooms, octopus, all kinds of meatballs and chicken on skewers. The latter usually cost 10 baht per skewer.

Jomtien Market

▣ The product part of the market.

You can ask for food to be packed to go. Pancakes with a variety of toppings, pizza cooked right in front of you, crocodile kebab, and especially for Russians - potatoes in various forms, and the usual shawarma or kebab - there is everything. Most tourists come here just to eat. But it's hard to resist buying something at the same time.

Dinner at the market is not only an exotic and unusual food with fresh products, but also very cheap. So, a bowl of rice with meat or seafood, vegetables and, of course, the indispensable spicy sauce, will cost only 45 baht.

Jomtien Market

▣ You can eat not only exotic and unusual food at the market.

If you have settled nearby, it's worth popping in for fruit. They are unanimously praised for both taste and price. Mango for 35-45 baht compared to the same mango for 250 baht in central Pattaya. Also, all who have been here advise to try the famous Thai shakes, smoothies, or rather smoothies.

Fans of strong sensations will surely like Thai very spicy soups.

Clothing Department

The clothing department sells mostly consumer goods, cheap and simple. You won't find branded and designer things here, it's not that kind of place. In addition to clothes you can buy perfumes, cosmetics, watches, suitcases - in general, you can buy almost everything at Jomtien market, and at affordable prices.

Jomtien Market

▣ The clothing part of the market.

Compared with the prices in large shopping centers, especially in places with a concentration of tourists, the local prices are several times less. And famous for its properties Thai cosmetics is a great gift. What is interesting, many products do not have a price tag on purpose.

If you want to buy something, be prepared for the fact that you will have to haggle, and the first price quoted by the seller will be 3-4 times higher.


A special area of trade - souvenirs. Here in Jomtien there are many shops with handmade crafts, very beautiful and original. At the same time, they are inexpensive. One of the most interesting souvenirs - crocodile head, and here they are a large selection and they are much more than found elsewhere in Thailand. But be very careful, in Thailand there are restrictions on the export of goods.

Among the souvenirs are many handmade wooden items, from gods to animal figurines. They often have wholesale prices, for example, when one elephant costs 30 baht, and 4 - 100 baht. It's the same with clothing. If one women's T-shirt can be bought for 59 baht, two for 100 baht.

Near the market there are also small cozy cafes with soft couches, where you can relax from the crowds and smoke hookah.

How to get there

Located in the heart of Jomtien area, the night market is the easiest way to get here on a Tuk Tuk, which will take you along the beach and only costs 10 baht per seat. The map clearly shows that the market is marked at the beginning of Jomtien Street.

Along the beach is known for its scenic alley, walk along it in the evening - a pleasure, so if you live nearby, you can come to the night market on foot.

Route from Pattaya

The main features of the market are a free volleyball court across the street and a large glowing decorative mill above the entrance. There are many street musicians on the beach, so both the way to the market and the way back is a great way to spend a pleasant time in Jomtien.

In order not to confuse the direction, it is better to look at the location of the market on the map beforehand.

What is interesting, the night market is mostly oriented toward Russian-speaking tourists, most of the inscriptions are in Russian, and the sellers understand the language. It should be borne in mind that on Fridays and weekends, the night market is empty. Many sellers go to more popular and expensive markets in other parts of Pattaya.

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