Hua Hin Beaches - Infrastructure and Features of the Resort's Beaches

Beach holidays in Thailand are represented by various levels of mainland and island resorts, among which Hua Hin, a favorite of the royal family, is considered the oldest. For tourists coming on package deals, this place is often unknown, but experienced travelers choose it for a relaxing and educational vacation on the Gulf of Thailand coast.

There are large beaches in and around the town, stretching all along the coastline from the airport in the north to Mount Khao Tao in the south along the main highway Petch Kasem Rd. If you want quite a bit of privacy, you can go farther away. The general impressions of visiting any of them are cleanliness, picturesque terrain and a large number of Thais.

  • Hua Hin resort is popular with locals who come here for the weekend.

Almost everywhere there is shallow water, sometimes up to 50 meters from the shore, which makes Hua Hin a great option for holidays with children. The entertainment infrastructure offers all kinds of water sports, horseback riding and exciting excursions.

The most popular beaches in Hua Hin:

  1. City beach.
  2. Thakiab beach.
  3. Suan Son beach
  4. Tao beach.
  5. Sai Noi beach.

City beach

In fact, this is the only beach in Hua Hin, the other beaches are located in the suburbs. But it is among the ten best in Thailand and deservedly enjoys its popularity. Almost 8 kilometers of coastline is quite clearly divided into 3 geographical zones with different infrastructure, attendance and even a landscape. This division is convenient if you need to find a place directly for sports, swimming or walking.

Along the entire length of the coast of the highway City beach is separated by a continuous strip of pretentious luxury hotels and expensive condos. The main advantage of City beach - you can get to any part of it by public transport, the fare from 10 baht, directly from the city center.

The key natural feature is unpredictable for the unprepared tourist tides. They can be quite strong, so it is better to get acquainted with their map in advance via the Internet.

Northern part

It starts from the airport to the north and stretches in a wide strip to the fishing pier. The most picturesque corner of the city beach with stunning scenery with clusters of rocks and boulders. Infrastructure is heterogeneous: somewhere concentrated stores and entertainment venues, and somewhere completely deserted and quiet, even no one to rent a deckchair.

The sand is white and clean, the water is shallow. Of the larger hotels, The Imperiel Beach Resort and White Sand.

The main tourist "chip" of this place is horseback riding. Horses are plentiful here, and they can smell unpleasant, so vacationers sensitive to such things should move to the south.

You can get there by tuk-tuk or any public transport to the airport or Damnitnkasem Rd train station, from which there is a direct road to the beach. You can also take a rented bike on Petch Kasem Rd.

Central part

Closer to the city center and the infrastructure is typical urban: cafes, stores, souvenir and rental shops. There is almost no vegetation, the sand is yellow and fine, almost constantly small waves. This area is characterized by fairly strong winds, so it is loved by kitesurfers. At every step offers board rentals or professional instructors.

central beach

▣ This area is characterized by rather strong winds.

Almost all of the coast is occupied by hotels, such as the Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa and Centara Grand Beach Resort. There are sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach, the cost is 100 baht if you do not stay in one of the hotels on the first line.

The main problem of the central part of Hua Hin beach is to find a way out of the highway. It is impossible to pass through the territory of expensive hotels and condos, and between them you can not squeeze.

To avoid wandering around, it's best to hire a local cab. If you prefer independence, you can rent a scooter and look for one of the three exits in the Market Village area.

South Side

In the south, the city's coastline is bounded by Mount Takiab, the mountain of monkeys. They are the main attraction and the main problem - the macaques have a lot of sass. The traditional beach infrastructure in this part of the beach is rather sparse, but it is a great place to flounder in the waves at high tide.

There are few hotels, but they, like the rest of the beach, are expensive and famous. For example, Amari Hua Hin or Hyatt Regency. It is easy to get there by tuk-tuk to the final stop, Takiab village.

Thakiab beach

On the other side of Monkey Mountain is Thakiab beach - spacious, noisy, colorful and active. The line of sand is wide, so that there is enough space for tourists, traders and athletes. Here you can walk, have fun, swim in a boat, or try the ubiquitous "bananas" with "pills", ride horses, play soccer.

Very shallow beach, but it has enough vegetation to hide in the shade, so it is ideal for holidays with children. Thakiab beach is surrounded by hotels of all styles and categories, the area itself is quite lively, with developed commerce.

You can get there on your own from Hua Hin city center on Petch Kasem rd, go to the fork at the end of the tuk-tuk station and then turn right. From the public transport will have to walk 15-20 minutes.

Suan Son beach, or Military beach

The austere name of this beach in some way justifies itself: of all places by the sea here is the most sparsely populated, and on weekdays, even deserted. Those who go to Hua Hin for tranquility will appreciate this place. Shallow water, gray-yellow sand, excellent shade from the casuarin trees - a good option for an elderly couple or meditate alone.

Suan Son Beach

▣ Suan Son beach, or Military Beach

It is located right on the territory of the military base, but tourists are allowed in freely. The main feature: lack of infrastructure as such, to rent a sun lounger will not work, and public transport does not go here.

Only take a cab or your own transport further south on the same Petch Kasem rd, follow the signs.

Tao beach

A quiet, sparsely populated and incredibly picturesque area at the foot of another mountain, Tao. In this part of Hua Hin, 11 kilometers from the city, as almost everywhere else, it is quite shallow, the sand is not dirty, but not snow-white, the vegetation is clumpy. But a very beautiful pier and views of the neighboring beaches. Ideal for walks for two and a peaceful holiday.

Tao beach

▣ Tao beach.

Go by car or bike on Phetkasem Rd, turn left from the sign "Hua Hin - 101".

Sai Noi beach

One of the best places for a secluded, but not quite alone holiday in Hua Hin, many travelers call it Sai Noi. Cozy, compact, beautiful, away from the noise of the city and the sometimes annoying crowds of traders, this beach in a kind of cove bay.

Sai Noi beach

▣ Sai Noi beach

Between the picturesque cliffs offers perhaps the best water depth in all of Hua Hin. A wonderful combination of being able to swim, sunbathe, admire the views and yet not suffer from the intrusive hustle and bustle of tourism.

Just take Petch Kasem Rd and follow the signs to Sai Noi beach.

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