Trat Airport in Trat: Tourist Information

Trat Airport in Trat: Tourist Information

The airport of Trat serves a small flow of passengers and cargo arriving in the southeastern Thai province of the same name on the border with Cambodia. The relative proximity of its location to Bangkok - 5 hours by road - allowed for a long time without air service.

The province of Trat has comfortable beaches and there is always a small number of holidaymakers. Despite this, the mainland is not of great interest to tourists. The same cannot be said for the Trat Islands:

  • Ko Chang Island;
  • Ko Mak Island;
  • Koh Koot Island.

These are the largest. There are several smaller ones that are of interest to tourists. To facilitate transport links between Bangkok and the island part of Trat province, an airport was built by 2003.

General characteristics

Tratov airport is of regional importance. The runway - only 1.5 km long - is not designed to accommodate large aircraft. The terminal is of open construction - there is a roof, but no walls. The airport is built in the middle of the jungle. All the buildings were built to high environmental standards. From the outside everything looks very neat.

Trat is connected by air only to Bangkok. There are three flights daily in both directions. The monopoly owner of the airport is the national Thai carrier Bangkok Airways. The same company operates all flights to and from it.

The flight takes one hour. The cost of the ticket is about $90, which corresponds to the level of the carrier.

The flight from Moscow to Trat is operated by Aeroflot and Bangkok Airways (with one change at Suwarhabhumi Airport) 2 times a day. Such a trip will take 13-16 hours and will cost $500. All other flights with two connections: from 15 hours and $350.

The flight from Kiev or Minsk to Trat is more problematic and expensive. With two connections the travel time is from 19 hours. The ticket price is at least $500.

How to get to the nearest resorts

At Trat Airport there is a shuttle service by Bangkok Airways. The minivans take tourists to Chang Island for 500 baht per person. The pros of such a transfer:

  • minibuses go to the desired pier (Laem Ngop, Laem Sok or others);
  • drive directly onto the ferry;
  • The cost of the ferry crossing is included in the total ticket.
  • Time on the road is made up of:
  • the way to the pier - 20 minutes.
  • Ferry to Center Point Pier - 30 min.
  • Chang to the accommodation - up to 30 minutes.

There is only one minus: this transfer is fully within the Bangkok Airways pricing policy. The cost of the ferry is only 80 baht.

The same route can be taken by cab. If several people are traveling and are willing to bargain, the trip will be cheaper than the airport minibus. When choosing this option, it makes sense to book a cab from Trat in advance. There is no airport transfer to all the other islands. Tourists travel independently using the above-mentioned scheme. The sea route will be longer and the cost is higher.

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