The Koh Rok Islands in Thailand

The Koh Rok Islands in Thailand

It is no secret that the waters of the Andaman Sea provide the best opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and for an ordinary beach holiday. Here, at a distance from mainland Thailand, there are a large number of islands stretching parallel to the coast of Krabi and Trang.

Ko Rock is one of the most remote, but therefore attractive islands. During the dry season, they are crowded all day long.


The Rock Islands are two small pieces of land separated by two hundred meters of water. Both are no more than two square kilometers in area. The islands are uninhabited by humans and would not be of any interest, especially considering their remoteness from the mainland. Almost the entire territory, as on the other islands, is occupied by jungle.


Between them and the sea - a ten-meter strip of matte beige fine sand. It is this strip, as well as the calm and gentle sea off the coast and is why holidaymakers from Phuket, Krabi and Trang come here.

The beaches of Ko Rok are beautiful, but travelers should note that there are no sun loungers and umbrellas.

And lying or sitting on the sand will not work, as it is very hot. You can relax not only on the beach in the sun, but also in the shade of trees, walking a little deeper into the island.


There are no special attractions on Ko Rok. The pastime on the island is limited to beach holidays and snorkeling near the shore or from a boat at a distance from the islands. The main attraction is the colorful underwater world of this place.

snorkeling co rock

The depth of the sea around the islands is not more than 3-4 meters. The water is transparent, allowing you to observe underwater life even from the boat. But the best thing is to put on a mask and flippers and go for a leisurely exploration of the underwater kingdom.

It's rare to see anything like this here:

  • Corals of several kinds, including blue, purple, and green;
  • swarms of a variety of reef fish;
  • Occasionally non-threatening blacktip reef sharks and other sea creatures, which are rarely seen, swim in here.

Not only shallow water snorkeling, but also divers will be interesting here. In a short distance from the island sea life is even more diverse: here you can see the most beautiful gorgonaria and different types of soft corals.

ko ko rock rams

Separately, it should be noted such an attraction of the island, as varanas, walking freely on the island. These lizards do not like when it is very hot, so it is very rare to see them on the beach. If you do, don't be alarmed: they are not dangerous to humans and the only thing they want to do is ask people for food. If you want to feed the giant two-meter lizards, keep in mind that they are carnivorous, eat meat and are said to be very fond of chicken.


Since the islands are uninhabited, there is no serious tourist infrastructure. However, the basic conditions for staying on Ko Rock are available.

excursion to the rock

Here you can dine in the open air, sitting on a stump, stone or sand. The visit to the island takes all day, so the program includes a buffet with full Thai dishes, fruits.

There is a public toilet on the island with a water supply and sinks for washing hands before eating.

On one of the Koh Rock Islands there is an opportunity to stay overnight in a tent camp ($10-$20 per person). The accommodations are spartan, but there is a demand for such a service.

How to get there

The Rock Islands are remote from the coast and have no regular communications with either the nearest Trang or the surrounding islands. Therefore, the only way to get there is an organized tourist excursion. Such visits are offered by Phuket, Krabi and Trang travel agencies.

The trip by sea from Phuket or Krabi takes 2 hours. Depart early in the morning so as to arrive at the place by 9-10 am.

The program of stay includes:

  • a visit to one or both of the Rock Islands;
  • recreation on the beach;
  • snorkeling, swimming by the shore and from a boat;
  • sightseeing tour around the islands;
  • visits to neighboring islands are possible.

The cost of the tour is about $70.

Helpful hints

There is no diving equipment rental on the island. Therefore, if you have a desire to dive, everything you need to take with you. Don't forget to take a blanket or a large towel that you can lay on the sand to rest on the beach.

Bring water to drink. Although drinks during the transfer to the island are usually included in the price of the trip, they are limited and there is no drinking water on the islands themselves.

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