Car rental in Hua Hin - features, prices and rentals

Car rental in Hua Hin - features, prices and rentals

The public transportation system in Hua Hin, and in Southeast Asia as a whole, is not well developed. While the intercity services are smooth - buses and trains run on schedule - the intra-city transportation is chaotic.

Public transport in Hua Hin is represented by: shuttle buses, motorcycle cabs, private cabs (tuk-tuks), which for the urban European may seem like an extreme mode of transport.

The motorcycles win due to the individual approach, but leave much to be desired in terms of safety. Private tuk-tuks are the most comfortable, but also the most expensive way to get around: depending on the time of day and destination, the cost is up to 300 baht.

Renting a budget car for a day will cost 700-1300 baht, ie, the cost is similar to 4 trips on a tuk-tuk. Based on the degree of convenience and financial benefits, the ideal option for a mobile and educational vacation in Hua Hin will be car rental.

Tenant companies

Car Rent Hua Hin

Car Rent Hua Hin is a division of the large company Paradise City Cars Company Ltd Thailand, which has licensed operations throughout Thailand. In Hua Hin, car rentals are available:

Vehicle type


Cost, baht

Twenty-four hours



Sedans and hatchbacksHonda, Ford, Nissan, Suzuki1000700020000
PickupsFord, Toyota1300910025000
SUVsToyota, Mitsubishi15001050033000

Rental for a minimum of 3 days. Refundable deposit - 5000 baht.

Office: Soi 80, Petchkasem Road, Tel. +66 (0) 813844731

Hua Hin Car Rental

The company is a car rental division of the travel agency Paradise City Group Co. The agency has an attractive pricing policy: the cost is calculated by the day; the longer the rental lasts, the lower the price per day.

Vehicle type


Cost, baht

Days 1-6

Days 7-21

Days 22-29


HatchbacksNissan, Honda12001080840720
Sedanswith Rev. 1,2-1,6Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan1300-16001170-1440810-1120780-960
with Rev. 1,81700153011901020
with r.v. 1,8-22500225017501500
with r.v. 2,4-2,52800-34002520-31001960-24001680-2100
SedansBenz, BMW8200-125007400-113005750-88004920-7500
SUVsToyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet2500225017501500
MinivansHyundai, Toyota3100-34002790-31002170-24001860-2100

The deposit is 2,000 baht. It is possible to rent a car for 1 day.

Office: C/o Monkey & Field Sports Complex, 184/70 Chomsin Road, tel. 091-231-6151

Hua Hin Car Service

The range of cars offered includes sedans and hatchbacks.

Car models

Cost, baht

Twenty-four hours



Honda Jazz, New City; Toyota New Vios




Toyota Fortuner, Innova




The car can be driven to the airport exit.

Office: 4/24 Petchkaserm Rd., tel. (+66) 81 858 3538.

Hua Hin Hire

Hua Hin Hire offers cars at some of the most convenient prices on the rental market in Thailand. In addition, they have real jeeps.

Vehicle type

Car models

Cost per day, baht

Hatchbacks and sedansMitsubishi Attrage


Toyota Yaris


Suzuki Swift Sport


SUVsIsuzu MU 7


Toyota Fortuner


Isuzu MU-X


PickupsIsuzu D-Max, Toyota Hilux



from 1200

Office: 4/17 Smorprong, tel. +66868 464 444

Hua Hin Vacation Tour and Services

Car rental agency in Hua Hin has a fleet of Toyota, Chevrolet and Honda.

Vehicle brands

Cost per day, baht

Toyota, Chevrolet


Toyota Fortuner


Honda New Accord


Despite the fact that the prices in this agency are slightly higher than other landlords, when renting from 1 week you can save money by taking advantage of discounts.

Office: 8/24 Petchakasem Rd., Tel: +66 863756972

Bizcar Rental

The company specializes exclusively in car rental and has offices all over Thailand. Bizcar Rental offers a large selection of models in a wide range of prices.

Vehicle type

Cost per day, baht



Benz sedans, BMW

4850, 7800-12000







Benz Vans12480

The deposit is determined by the model of the car and ranges from 20,000 to 50,000 baht.

Office: 39/4 Petchkasem rd, tel. 087 552 4545

Rules and peculiarities of car rental

  • In Thailand, the driver's license of another country is not valid. In order to rent a car, you must have an international driving license category B. Rental vehicles in Hua Hin are available to persons at least 21 years old.
  • The provision of GPS-navigator and child seat - are considered additional services and are paid separately.
  • A navigator is a must. Often in Hua Hin streets are not signed, the direction of travel is not clear. In order to avoid confusion with the Thai language, it is better to use a navigator on a smartphone or other mobile equipment with the ability to copy-paste street names.
  • Gasoline is not included in the cost of car rental. The car is issued to the client fully fuelled; the client must return it also fuelled - otherwise the amount will be deducted from the deposit.
  • By prior arrangement car rental companies practice car delivery to the airport, railway or bus station, hotel, etc. within 15 km of the office at no extra charge.
  • A car rented at one branch of a car rental company can be returned at any other branch. Car rental companies only accept bank cards. The amount of the deposit for the car is blocked on the card. The money is returned within a month.
  • Car insurance covers damages incurred within Thailand: under the terms of the lease, it is forbidden to leave the country by car. In addition to invalid insurance, this threatens a fine of several thousand baht.

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