Koh Mook Island (Koh Muk) - Thailand's lost paradise

Koh Mook Island (Koh Muk) - Thailand's lost paradise

Koh Mook or Koh Muk is an amazing place in southern Thailand. It is one of those places of the world where the comfortable tourist services and traditional way of life of the local village in the background of pristine nature coexist.

Snow-white sandy beaches, rich vegetation, beautiful scenery, warm water and lack of city bustle make Ko Muk ideal resort.

Important: there is no possibility of using a bank card on Ko Muk, so you must go with cash.

Suitable for lovers of comfort, as well as those who prefer to relax in the lap of nature with minimal comfort and little cost.


Sivalai Beach Resort

The most expensive and famous hotel on Ko Muk - Sivalai Beach Resort. It is located in the most picturesque place of the southern part of Thailand on the beach Hat Hua Laem next to a sand spit. It is known as the "Thai Maldives. The snow-white coral sand, warm clear water and palm trees create a feeling of tropical paradise. On the territory is a swimming pool.

ko muk sivalai
Service in the hotel is at the highest level. Sivalai Beach Resort rooms are 48 bungalows in traditional Thai style ranging in size from 35 square meters (standard) to 49 square meters (family option) not including the area of the balcony.

The thatched roofs, typical of the island, blend in perfectly with the natural landscape, and the outdoor verandas with cushioned loungers are a pleasant place to spend an hour or two before going to bed.

Inside guests will find a respectable, cozy, modern interior with air conditioning, TV, DVD, shower, drinking water, mini bar, tea/coffee maker. Price per room per night from 2750 baht ($80) for a standard room with one bed, during the quiet period (second half of October); to 11000 baht ($315) for a family bungalow with 3 beds in the high tourist season.

Pawapi Resort

Pawapi Resort is also located in the sandbar area, 5 meters from the beach. Its traditional style bungalows on stilts with thatched roofs and balconies look natural against the backdrop of coconut palms.

The interior combines European comfort and traditional Thai comfort. Hotel guests enjoy contemplation of the Andaman Sea and stretching along the horizon islands Ngai, Lanta Island and Kradan. Room rates from 2500 baht per night ($72).

Nature Beach Resort

Nature Beach Resort stands out for its environmentally friendly concept. The hotel rooms look like freestanding little white houses with huge windows.


Eco-friendliness of the hotel is the use of advanced technology in the construction of bungalows in order to maximize the use of natural forces to create good living conditions, however, the comfort is not affected. The cost of living from 450 baht per day ($13 per day) room with minimum comfort, from 1100 baht per day ($29) - comfortable bungalows.

Charlie Beach Resort

A less expensive but decent hotel on Ko Muk is located on Hat Farang, a beautiful beach with clear water, just 800 meters from the unique Emerald Cave. There is a swimming pool on site. The rooms are free-standing bungalows.

coo muc charlie-beach-resortThe interior of the hotel is somewhat simpler, contains fewer traditional motifs, in a Western style, but is quite comfortable. Each cabin has a shower, air conditioning and TV. Room rates from 1200 baht per night ($35).


On the island of Ko Muk there are several gesthouses. One of them is Coco Lodge. It is farther from Hat Hua Laem Beach than Sivalai Beach Resort. The hotel includes so-called luxury bungalows - detached houses with modest interiors. And tents - tents located under thatched canopies. There are also tables with benches and plastic chairs under the awnings.

ko mook hosthouse

Bamboo huts are an ideal option for those who want the best combination of price and comfort in the wilderness. Rates start at 300 baht per night ($9).

Mookies is another inexpensive hostel on the island, which is located near Hat Farang Beach. The accommodations offered by Mookies are small double bungalows and tents.

Unlike Coco Lodge, Mookies does not have deluxe rooms or luxury bungalows. This accommodation is for unpretentious tourists with little money.


Quiet, clean beaches of Ko Muk with snow-white coral sand and clear warm water is an excellent option for people who are tired of the bustle of the city. There is not as much human traffic on the island as at other resorts in Thailand.

Hat Hua Laem

Beautiful beach Hat Hua Laem, in the center of which there is a unique, moving sand spit stretching for 500 meters. The waves periodically wash in and out of the spit, washing it up a little to the side.

ko muk Hat Hua Laem

Clean warm sea with amazing corals and colorful tropical fish. The only drawback of the beach - a little muddy water, which does not allow fans of snorkeling to discern all the beauty of the underwater world. On the horizon you can see the islands of Lanta and Kradan. On the beach among the coconut palms are bungalows of hotels in the traditional style.

Hat Farang

Hat Farang Beach is on a different part of the island, further inland and closer to the famous Emerald Cave. The water is just as warm, but clearer.

ko muk Hat Farang

The beach is frequented by Thais, for them and other fans of exotic cuisine on the beach there are several bars and restaurants with local food and reasonable prices. Quiet, tranquility, pleasant friendly atmosphere - a paradise for those who want to just enjoy life.


There are no nightclubs and other urban trappings on Ko Muk. At night, the island has an atmosphere of sleep. All the most interesting things happen during daylight hours.

In addition to relaxing on the beaches themselves, you can go on an excursion to the neighboring islands of Ngai and Kradan where lovers of diving and snorkeling take their breath away. Often tourists prefer to take an excursion that includes a visit to several islands and the Emerald Cave.

Emerald Cave is a special attraction with a pirate history. Legend has it that pirates used to congregate there. This Emerald Cave is especially beautiful in the sunlight. It is a crevice in the rocks with a manhole 80 meters long, half submerged in water. The only disadvantage of the cave is the exorbitant number of tourists per unit time.

Excursion to islands located at a distance from Ko Muk, such as the island of Ko Rock, which experts call the most successful place for snorkeling in the southern part of Thailand.

How to get there

There are ships to and from Ko Muk Island from Lanta and Pi Pi Don (Lanta - southern islands of Thailand, Pi Pi Don, Ko Lipe Island), also via Ko Muk. A ship ticket from Lanta costs from 500 baht ($15), from Pi Pi Pi Don 1500 baht ($43). An important point: during the low water season, routes are often cancelled.

On the mainland, you can get a boat ticket from the Kuan Tungku pier, and return tickets are sold at all hotels on Ko Muk.

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