Ko Chang Island - how to get there and what to do on the island

Ko Chang is a true paradise for those who are truly passionate about wildlife. The territory of the island is surrounded by massive mountain ranges and is about 215 km², which is the third largest of all such islands in Thailand, after Phuket and Samui.

It is also part of the Mu Ko Chang National Marine Sanctuary. There are many different parks here, carefully protected by the state.

Koh Chang Island on the map of Thailand

The island is about 300 kilometers from Bangkok and near the eastern province of Trat. The literal translation from the local language means "Elephant Island".

It got its name from the image on the map, the outlines of which resemble the silhouette of an elephant. Near Chang there are about 50 more exotic islands for recreation. The most popular are: Koh Kood and Koh Mak.

At the moment there are about five thousand inhabitants on the island. Their main activities are fruit growing and fishing. The local people are hospitable and friendly, so you will feel at home here.

The construction of bars, hotels, and other entertainment venues is not as rapid as in other areas. This is due to the fact that the island is still the most valuable national park. This place is not much fun, it is suitable mainly for a quiet family vacation. There are no crowds of drunken tourists and girls of easy virtue. Prices for hotel rooms are quite cheap.

Prices here are somewhat lower than in the more popular resorts of Thailand. This is a definite plus, but depending on the level of establishments and the range offered, you will have to spend a lot.

The maximum that can please fans of nightlife is a few bars and venues where discos and various events are held. Interesting vacationers can also: elephant rides through the jungle, diving, fire shows, fishing. You can also go on a short trip to neighboring islands.

How to get there

There are three ways to get to Ko Chang - by plane, bus and cab to the city of Trat. First of all, you should understand that Koh Chang is an island, which means that any kind of travel includes a ferry. The main ferry piers are Septge Point Pier and Koh Chang Ferry Pier.


▣ Ferry to Ko Chang.

Ferries from Koh Chang Ferry Pier regularly depart from the pier and sail for half an hour, and from Center Point Ferry Pier for about an hour. They run from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Cost, 80 baht per passenger one way, or 120 for a round trip ticket.

Map of Koh Chang Berths

dock map

By air 

There is no airport in Ko Chang; the nearest airport is in Trat. There is only one airline - Bangkok Air. Ticket price from 3000 baht, travel time 1 hour. You can see the schedule on their website, and there you can book tickets. Flights are three times a day - at 8:40, 10:30 and 17:05. After that you need to catch a minibus and go to the pier. The cost is 100 baht.

By bus

From Ekamai Bus Terminal (Bangkok East Station) or Mo Chit Bus Terminal (Bangkok North Station). The buses are comfortable, air-conditioned and make stops along the way, arriving at Trat Bus Terminal or directly to the pier. Buses go to Trat every half hour, from 6 am to 11 pm. From Trat to the pier you can take a sunteo, cost 50-100 baht. Travel time is 30 minutes.


You can take a cab, the cost will be 3500-4500 baht from the airport. If you have already reached the city, you can try to catch a hand and haggle. In this case the trip will cost about 2 thousand baht. If you go on vacation in a large group, then the best choice would be to rent a minibus. By the way, a very good option, because for only a modest four hundred baht per person it will take you to your destination.

There is no sea connection between Koh Chang and other resorts in Thailand.


Public transportation is problematic here. So there are only two ways to get around. The first is to rent a bike or a car, and the second is to take a sunteo.

Rent a bike will cost you 150-300 baht per day, if you rent for a long time, the price will be 3000-3500 baht per month. Helmet included. In the case of long term rentals, it is recommended to haggle with the owners. With car rental is the same. The price per day from 1100 to 2000 baht. You will need a passport (or at least a copy) to rent - it is advisable to leave a cash deposit to avoid unpleasant circumstances.

Renting Bikes

▣ Bike rental.

If you don't want to get involved with renting a vehicle, then sungteo is your best bet. Always negotiate with the driver about the price in advance and haggle. The average cost for a ride with two people is 100 baht. A peculiarity of this kind of transport is that in the morning and late at night rental prices go up significantly. So it's better to use the daytime.

The beaches of the island are different in that they are quite far apart from each other and it will be quite difficult to get on foot. Therefore, it is best to use the services of a sngteo cab.

There is, however, another option - it is hiking in Koh Chang.


When you arrive in Thailand on the island of Chang, the first thing to do is to make a plan of excursions so that not only to relax on the sunny beach, but also to take beautiful pictures against the backdrop of local attractions. Be sure to visit Klong Phlu Waterfall, which is located near Klong Prao Beach. It is very convenient for swimming. The depth in one of its bowls reaches 7 meters.


▣ Klong Plu Waterfall

Than Mayom is this waterfall that forms a beautiful pool with four cascades. It is noteworthy that you can pitch a tent or camp nearby.

There are quite a few other waterfalls worth seeing here. Such waterfalls include: Kiri Pet, Nang Yom and Klong Nung.

Since they are also part of the national reserve, you can visit them only if you buy a ticket for 200 baht.

If you like picturesque places, Klong Son will not leave you indifferent. This bay offers stunning views that you can admire for hours and take amazing photos. It is no secret that the locals are mainly engaged in fishing. If you want to see how it happens and experience the daily life of Thais, you can go to the fishing villages, such as Rong Than and Salak Pet, Bang Bao.


▣ Bang Bao fishing village.

The most famous village of Thailand is Bang Bao. It is characterized by the fact that the bungalows of local residents are located directly in the sea on special scaffolding. This is where the catching and processing of fish is done. By the way, in the fishing villages you can visit the specialty restaurants, where the local food is prepared, learn about the traditions and mentality of local people, as well as learn what they do.

Bang Bao Fishing Village

▣ Bang Bao fishing village.

In Ko Chang, you can have an unforgettable experience riding elephants. We also recommend to visit the school of monkeys and see how they were tamed. The school is called Koh Chang Monkey School. It is located on White Sand Beach. The show lasts for one hour.

However, the most memorable attraction is "Gibbon's Flight". This attraction will cause tourists a huge amount of adrenaline and unreal drive. Here you will travel for several hours through the jungle with the help of ropes.

Religion in Ko Chang is an important part of the culture. Chao Po is the main shrine, which means "Holy Father of Ko Chang. The inhabitants sacredly believe that if you constantly pray to the Father, a real miracle can happen.

A special memorial to the locals is the Memorial to the Heroes of the Battle of the Sea. It became famous because in the early twentieth century, during the battle between the Thais and the French, a local navy ship was wrecked here.


▣ Bang Bao Lighthouse on Ko Chang Island.

As you can see, there are no special attractions, except for a few waterfalls, ancient temples and the above-mentioned attractions. However, amazingly picturesque places will completely replace the lack of large excursions.


The most popular place is White Sand Beach. There are a huge number of restaurants, bars, various stores and massage parlors. Lonely Beach is an ideal place for photos, as the white sand blends harmoniously with the rocky scenery.

There are open-air parties almost every night. Of course, the level of such events is very mediocre, but people gather enough. One of the pluses of the beaches is that even in the most popular places you can find a secluded spot where you can take a walk.

The authorities are extremely serious about the ecology of the island. Therefore, the water and the shore are constantly in perfect cleanliness. Moreover, maintaining this condition is the responsibility not only of residents, but also of visitors.

You can also relax on the beaches on the west coast, such as Hat Sai Khao, Bang Bao, Klong Son, Klong.


The weather on Ko Chang is not always nice. Because of the monsoon winds from June to October is rainy, so the best period is from November to May. During this period, the weather is always sunny and the temperature is around 30 degrees. The rainiest month is August. Almost all resorts welcome holidaymakers all year round, but there are exceptions.


On Chang, you can live as you please, from inexpensive bungalows to modern luxury oceanfront homes. Most hotels are located in close proximity to the beaches, and the cost depends directly on its location and level of accommodation. If you want a quieter and more secluded vacation, you can rent a bungalow.

Lodging prices start at 150 baht. By the way, for 300-450 baht you can find a decent bungalow with all amenities. House or gest - prices average 700-900 baht per night. Hotel room averages 2,500 baht.


▣ Cozy bungalows on the beach.

The most popular hotel is KC Grande Resort & Spa. In this hotel tourists are given all the conditions for a comfortable stay and even more. Free wifi and parking, swimming pool, fitness, spa treatments and more.

KC Grande Resort & Spa

▣ KC Grande Resort & Spa Hotel.

The Villa Plounge Pool also offers hospitality and a high level of service. The hotel base offers an extensive choice to its customers.

You can book a room online through the Internet.

Map of hotels in Ko Chang

Choose a beach in advance, visit the specified attractions and enjoy your holiday in Ko Chang.

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